I'm back

I’m BACK!!!

Ok, so maybe you didn’t even notice I was gone… 🙂

But if you did, you may be wondering where I’ve been … or maybe not (but I’m going to tell you anyway) Lol!

I’ve been in “THE VOID”.

It’s a place of deep unknown – in between letting go the old and waiting for /allowing the new (the next level of expansion) to emerge.

It can be pretty scary. Especially if you don’t have support and don’t trust that you WILL come out the other side… eventually.

That’s why I’m sharing.

It helps to know that it’s ok to be there. Maybe even essential to having a life and business you LOVE.

It helps when you understand that THE VOID is part of creating a big shift into the next level of your growth and development.

So often we beat ourselves up for being there, or fight to get out of there, thinking something is wrong. We resist. Tell ourselves “I shouldn’t be here!”

Are you familiar with the old saying: “You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results”? Well that applies even when things you are doing are working really well!

You see, you are trapped in your head with You. Your current perspective. Your current limitations and mindset. The very mind/mindset that created the results/reality you are currently experiencing.

To expand to the next level you have to be willing to let go of what you know and sometimes even what you have been doing – no matter how great it is – to allow the expansion to your next level of growth/success.

This takes courage. It is easier with support.

Expecting you “should” be able to figure things out on your own is like asking a drowning man to save you. We are all asleep – unconscious about certain things. We are all hypnotized on some level and we all awaken at different times and in different ways.

The longer I have been on this Path To True Freedom, the more I realize that we don’t awaken just once. We have different levels of awakening.

I’ve just awoken again.

That is, I’m seeing old things in a new way. I have a different perspective on some of the things I was doing and saying and I am making different choices as a result.

So you will notice some changes around here. I hope they speak to you and align with where you are. If not, no worries. It’s all good.

In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my “Lessons From The Void” (what it is, how to recognize when you are there, how to move through it with grace and ease etc).

Moving forward I’m going to be talking about more about Business as a Path of Soul Growth and The Path To True Freedom.

If that resonates for you, Great! Stick around and leave a comment below.

If not, blessings on your journey until our paths cross again.

Big Love,


P.S. I LOVE when you take the time to comment. It feels more like a conversation than me just speaking to a wall 🙂

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