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February 14, 2023By Helen Macmillan
How are you doing with your self-love?

Today is the day of LOVE. While the world celebrates our relationships with others (and there’s nothing wrong with that) I’d like to invite you to focus on the relationship with yourself as well. How are you doing with your self-love? In the past,...

January 20, 2023By Helen Macmillan
Two myths that keep you stuck.

There are a couple of great myths we tell ourselves about being human and change. The first is that there are ‘good’ emotions and ‘bad’ emotions. This is not the case, emotions are neutral – we don’t have to work...

January 18, 2023By Helen Macmillan
What generational wealth legacy are you passing down?

What will your generational wealth legacy look like? No, we’re not talking about the value of the estate that you hope to leave for loved ones. We’re talking about something much more powerful than that. No matter if you received...

January 16, 2023By Helen Macmillan
Are YOU in a recession?

The definition of a recession according to the Cambridge Dictionary is: “A period, usually at least six months, of low economic activity, when investments lose value, businesses fail, and unemployment rises.” According to most financial institutions the definition is: “Two...

September 26, 2022By Helen Macmillan
Connect with Your Soul and Trust Your Inner Guidance

10 Ways To Connect With Your Soul And Start Trusting Your Inner Guidance 1. Make the time to connect with yourself and make it a priority – meditate, journal, walk in nature, get quiet so you can hear yourself. If...

February 8, 2022By Helen Macmillan
Indecision is a clue you’re not connected to your heart!

I’m co-leading a 12 week Journey Into Self Love program with Matthew. Week 3 we were focusing on connecting with our hearts. As I do the meditation and tapping, I recognize I’m not as connected to my heart as I...

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