Liberate Yourself

Redefining What It Means To Be A Leader In Your Life

We are committed to helping you become the SOVEREIGN LEADER in your life. When you step into this role:

  • You claim autonomy over your life by courageously trusting yourself to choose what’s best for you vs. letting others dictate the direction you take.
  • You release the need for others to define you because you fearlessly love and accept yourself. You deliberately create your life by taking full ownership vs. being a victim of circumstances.
  • You are liberated from the conditioned patterns holding you back from being the most powerful version of yourself.

When you choose to step into your own power over and over again, you become a shining example to others – showing them what is possible…

2023/2024 Programs and Retreats


December 9, 2023 I Virtual Event

Set the stage for a year of growth, abundance, and joy.

Step into 2024 with intention and purpose as Master Coaches Helen MacMillan and Matthew Gordon-Martin guide you on a two-hour journey of releasing the outgoing year, elevating your energy and crafting your soul-aligned vision, intentions and goals for the upcoming year.

This is not just another goal setting workshop, it’s an opportunity to ALIGN with your deepest desires and AMPLIFY your potential for the upcoming year. 

Register Now for $97

Inspired2 – A Personal Transformation Retreat For Leaders

APRIL 12 – 14, 2024 I Live! Columbia, MD

This 2 1/2 day in-person retreat is for leaders and entrepreneurs who ready to unleash their next level of freedom, power and impact through aligning with their Soul’s Mission. 

Journey Into Self Love


This 12-week online program is designed to guide you in building a new relationship with yourself. One of unconditional acceptance, compassion, approval, kindness and integrity. This guided journey is focused on you connecting with yourself through the lens of love, learning new ways of being with yourself and treating yourself that will create an internal shift in the way you feel and how you show up in your everyday life. Click here to find out more or to register.

Journey to Money Freedom


This 12-week online program is designed to create a SHIFT in the way you view, interact with and feel about money. Free yourself to make, spend, have, and create money with ease, flow and fun! Make the internal shifts required to create TRUE financial freedom and generational wealth REGISTRATION CLOSED


Transform Your Life

“Helen is honest, straightforward, intuitive, and gentle but challenging when she needs to be. She made me face some truths about my own behavior and patterns, and as a result, I feel stronger, more confident, and more alive.”

Shelagh Jardim


Being a Sovereign Leader takes Courage

It’s not an easy path, but it is the most rewarding.

In the process, your presence, the inner knowing and trusting of your truth, becomes your power.

Sovereignty Begins With a Choice.
Leadership Begins With Courage.

Choose to have the courage to create
your life your way.


There are two paths to help you become the
Sovereign Leader in your life…




Stepping powerfully into the next-level version of yourself isn’t always easy. There are conditioned stories and beliefs that keep you stuck where you are at.

That’s why we are here – to help you reach your highest potential by releasing past stories, beliefs, and traumas and giving you the tools to claim your sovereignty.

Our one-on-one coaching program guides you through a co-creative process of inner healing and mindset work so that you become truly free to create a meaningful, sustainable, abundant, fulfilling, and joyful life.

The core foundation of our work focuses on deepening your relationship with yourself, allowing you to fully explore the depths of who you are and what you want to create.

During our journey together, we will uncover the current limitations holding you back from being your most authentic self and preventing you from reaching the next level of success you desire.

We will reconnect you to your true power – one that loves, honors, and deeply trusts your inner wisdom vs. one that is swayed by other people’s judgement or societal obligations.

When you connect with your most authentic self and power, living from your truth, you operate more freely in your life.

You no longer need other people’s permission to be, do, and have what you desire.

Instead, your joy becomes palpable, your abundance flows, and you become magnetic.

Your life transforms because you have shifted from lack and pain to power and possibility. Being successful, creating a life you love, receiving everything you desire all starts from within.

Our one-on-one sessions together will be focused on your specific challenge or goal. Because of the personal attention you’ll receive, you’ll be able to get farther faster. The sessions will be conducted weekly via phone, Skype, or Zoom.

If you are ready to powerfully create the next version of your life, your way… Schedule a complementary discovery call.




You are not alone in your journey of transformation.

Many people are on similar paths to release the limiting beliefs holding them back and activate greater levels of their power and potential.

That’s why we created these potent group coaching programs – to address specific issues the group is experiencing.

Each program (either 6 -months or 12-months) will have a group intention and focus on breaking through the limitations and barriers holding each person back.

Because it’s a co-collaborative journey, your progress will exponentially increase as you have the opportunity to learn from eight other individuals’ insights and wisdom.

Our group programs are a Hybrid Model specifically designed to give you both personal attention and the benefit of collective energy, creating a truly unique co-collaborative experience.

Every month you’ll be invited into two group calls and receive one individual session to ensure you are fully supported on your journey.

Sharing this experience and practicing with eight other individuals allows you to access a broader range of perspectives, expand your awareness, build more connections, and create more possibilities for your life.

And by the end of our time together, you’ll expand your personal power in 7 key areas: physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, vocal, and transformational.

Beyond your current limitations and access new levels of freedom, connection, joy, and success.

We invite you to step inside this safe container to explore and create the next level version of you.

Schedule a complementary discovery call to learn about our upcoming group program.