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June 7, 2023By Matthew Gordon-Martin
The Power of Play

By Matthew Gordon-Martin BA MFA Play is a powerful resource. Psychologists and global researchers have discovered that play is vital to the development of children. This is widely accepted and we champion play for children all the time! But why only children?  In recent times...

February 28, 2023By Helen Macmillan
My 7 truths

Hi, I’m Helen MacMillan. In case you are new to me or my community, here are a few things to know about me… I love the magic of transformation. I have been leading personal development retreats for over 30 years....

February 21, 2023By Helen Macmillan
Making Change Possible

I’ve been at this personal development game for a looooong time. Over 35 years.  I first learned that change was possible, FOR ME, when I read Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”. Before that, I truly thought that...

January 23, 2023By Helen Macmillan
It’s not just about money

Earlier in this ‘Money Talks’ blog series, we told you that money is, “the ultimate mirror” and, a mirror cannot be a ‘problem’.  In fact, the opposite is true. As a mirror, money gives you an opportunity to SEE yourself (your thoughts and...

January 20, 2023By Helen Macmillan
Two myths that keep you stuck.

There are a couple of great myths we tell ourselves about being human and change. The first is that there are ‘good’ emotions and ‘bad’ emotions. This is not the case, emotions are neutral – we don’t have to work...

January 18, 2023By Helen Macmillan
What generational wealth legacy are you passing down?

What will your generational wealth legacy look like? No, we’re not talking about the value of the estate that you hope to leave for loved ones. We’re talking about something much more powerful than that. No matter if you received...

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