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June 7, 2023By Matthew Gordon-Martin
The Power of Play

By Matthew Gordon-Martin BA MFA Play is a powerful resource. Psychologists and global researchers have discovered that play is vital to the development of children. This is widely accepted and we champion play for children all the time! But why only children?  In recent times...

January 23, 2023By Helen Macmillan
It’s not just about money

Earlier in this ‘Money Talks’ blog series, we told you that money is, “the ultimate mirror” and, a mirror cannot be a ‘problem’.  In fact, the opposite is true. As a mirror, money gives you an opportunity to SEE yourself (your thoughts and...

October 25, 2018By Helen Macmillan
The Things We Run From

Have you ever noticed how much time and money we spend distracting ourselves? The multi-billion dollar “entertainment industry” solely exists to cater to this desire. God forbid we should feel bored, disappointed, confused, angry, sad, afraid, or overwhelmed (which is...

June 6, 2018By Helen Macmillan
18 Challenges Women Leaders Face and How to Overcome Them

“Success is 90% mindset. You have to build the skill of managing your mind.” ~ Helen MacMillan Whether you are seeking to increase your leadership position within an organization or want to achieve great things as an entrepreneur within your...

April 16, 2018By Helen Macmillan
Top 5 Unexpected Misconceptions About Manifestation

Manifestation is one of those words that has become a “buzzword”. Often associated with the Universal Law of Attraction, for many it conjures up images of having things appear magically “out of thin air” (but only if you know “The...

March 21, 2018By Helen Macmillan
Are You Ready to Embrace The Joyful Money Zone?

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR THIS EVENT. “Money issues are never just about the money.” ~Helen MacMillan Many women entrepreneurs who start businesses realize early on that money can be a massive roadblock to achieving their dreams. If left unexamined,...

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