Free Your Mind. Open Your Heart. Own Your Power.


YOU “made it!”

But is this where you wanted to end up?

What happens when you’ve “checked all the boxes,” done everything you were told would bring “success,” yet you’re disappointed and – truth be told – exhausted?

Sure, your life may look great on the outside, but it’s come at a cost.

That cost? COMPROMISE. Of your dreams. Your health. Your peace of mind.

And it’s a price you no longer want to pay.

Deep inside, you KNOW there is something more. You’re tired of feeling stuck and as though you are failing.

Here’s the red hot truth: You want it all.

Even though “they” said you couldn’t have it.

It’s time for you to create it!


Living An Uncompromised Life Takes Courage

Because it requires going up against some deeply ingrained belief systems.

Beliefs that were modeled by people you’ve never met. That taught you to define success in specific ways. That you must achieve certain milestones in order to be someone who “deserves” success. And that you aren’t “worthy” until you do.

The problem with operating from this model is that it compels you to strive for things you may not even want for your life and aren’t aligned with who you are.

From our earliest moments, we have been taught to compromise.

It’s “Either, OR” when it should be “Yes, AND.”

We’ve been conditioned to look to people in positions of power or authority; teachers, mentors, parents, politicians, doctors, etc., for guidance and direction – inadvertently handing our power and our destinies to them as a result.

We have NOT been taught to look at ourselves as the source for defining what success means to us. We have NOT been taught to look inside for that guidance and direction and TRUST it.

We have been made to believe that we DON’T know.

But we do know.

And The truth is, the answers areinside you

You simply have to learn to ACCESS them for yourself and learn to TRUST them.

You have to be willing to be SOVEREIGN.

 Our Vision


Our Vision is…

You – Being truly FREE – to love, express, feel, choose, embrace, let go, receive, soar.

You – Fully embodying your power to CHOOSE for you, consciously CREATING without compromise, sacrifice, guilt or shame and EXPERIENCING your greatest levels of happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

You – Being the SOVEREIGN leader in your life. Making your HAPPINESS and well-being a priority..

You – Having the freedom to say YES to yourself – without fear of what others think and say. Living POWERFULLY and unapologetically in your TRUTH.

You – EVOLVING with ease and grace into the most powerful version of yourself.

Start Here…

3 Simple Steps To Living Your Uncompromised Life.

  • Gain CLARITY about what YOU really want for YOU.
  • Develop the COURAGE and CONFIDENCE to be true to yourself and to go for what you want.
  • Take the time to ENJOY and appreciate the happiness, success, love, money, family, AND career that you create.



We believe leadership extends beyond the “traditional” definition – holding a position of power or influencing others to create change.

To us, being a leader means you consciously choose to take charge of your own life first. And you take 100% responsibility for every choice, even if it doesn’t go according to plan. This is what we call
Sovereign Leadership.

We offer 2 paths to help you get there: Group Coaching and Private 1:1 Coaching. Which choice is right for you?


Transform Your Life

“Helen taught me how to connect to my inner voice and listen for my own guidance. My time with Helen started me on a journey of a lifetime. I’ll be forever grateful that our paths crossed.”

Christine Smith