Hi, I’m Helen MacMillan.

In case you are new to me or my community, here are a few things to know about me…

I love the magic of transformation. I have been leading personal development retreats for over 30 years.

I’m a shape shifter. I started my career as a physical therapist. My practice evolved over 15 years into a thriving complementary wellness center. I transitioned to life coaching 13 years ago.

I’m a spiritual rockstar. I am here to help change the consciousness of people on this planet at this time. I have come to understand that my greatest contribution to the planet is not what I am doing, but who I am being.

I am a witch. I am deeply spiritual and not religious. I’ve been helping people heal their physical, mental and emotional pain for over 38 years. I have an extensive tool-kit of training, information, knowledge and areas of expertise in mind-body and energy medicine, spiritual practices and emotional healing that I draw from when working with clients, however I consider my greatest assets to be my ability to make people feel safe, as well as my ability to be fully present and connect, channel and trust divine guidance.

I’m a truth teller. I am in service to your soul, not your ego mind. So I may piss you off from time to time. I’m ok with that. I always endeavor to come from love and trust implicitly that if I come across as ‘not loving’ at any time, it is in service to you in some way.

I have important shit to share. I am the author of the book “The a Gift of Pain: An invitation to shift your perspective, reclaim your power and transform your life”. (You can purchase a copy here)

I said yes to the dress…twice. I believe in being happily married – not just being married – so I address issues when they arise and don’t let them sit and fester for too long.

I’m accomplished AF. I am a certified yoga instructor, Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ facilitator, and Jack Canfield trainer. I’ve had 3 successful businesses. I consider my greatest accomplishments to be: healing my childhood emotional wounds and the relationships with my parents (before they died); successfully raising 3 boys (one of whom is my business partner) and liberating myself so I am free to create a life I love to wake up to every day.

At SovereignMinds we are committed to helping our clients transform the way they view and value themselves so they show up as the magical badasses that they are.

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