By Matthew Gordon-Martin BA MFA

Play is a powerful resource.

Psychologists and global researchers have discovered that play is vital to the development of children. 
This is widely accepted and we champion play for children all the time!

But why only children? 

In recent times innovative global companies began building play rooms within their corporate headquarters.
Not for their employees kids. For the adult employees!

Because they found that play can:
– Drive connection and community
– Increase feelings of joy
– Energize the mind and body
– Release stress
– Unlock the imagination and spearhead innovation

One of our core values here at SovereignMinds is that we have fun, so we regularly explore: how can we make the process of transformation feel lighter, easier and more fun

In playing with this concept we got curious… What would happen if we married the power of play with the power of intention and the energy of creativity?

This gave birth to PIP (Positive Imaginary Play) and a new way of working with our clients.
We discovered that…
1. Focused, creative play is a powerful tool that makes transformation feel easy!
2. Purposeful play allows you to tap into the power of the imagination.
3. When you move beyond the limitations you have placed on yourself such as the limitation of ‘what is possible’ then then you tap into the true power of the creative mind: the imagination.
4. Our clients weren’t the only ones feeling lighter, happier and finding the shifts were coming easier … we were too! 

In this space new possibilities are birthed. Possibilities that are a fusion of something old, with something borrowed to create something new. The unleashed imagination is the key to how we create anything new!

So with this in mind (pardon the pun) we are creating more opportunities for our clients to PLAY.

Actually, we are creating a movement. 

You, the members of our tribe are all game changers in your own way.
You are innovators, creatives, powerful leaders and people who want to have a greater impact. 
AND we are inviting you to become more conscious, intentional PLAYmakers – i.e. – People who PLAY their way forward in life.
Who activate new possibilities by engaging your imagination, differently, on a daily basis.

We know you are already engaging your imagination on a daily basis. You imagine the worst case scenarios all the time. In fact, you are so creative, you have probably imagined some of the most EPIC stories of heart break, failure, loss, defeat etc. Things that you haven’t actually experienced yourself, but that you truly fear. 

We are inviting you to use those powerfully creative skills of yours to imagine scenarios and weave stories that inspire you – not paralyze you with fear!

Practice imagining and visualizing your epic wins; a legacy of wealth and abundance; stories of support, falling in love and… well… let your imagination run wild!

Your imagination is a muscle. It gets stronger every time you use it. AND sometimes you need a coach to help you realize the true potential of that muscle. This workout is not hard. It’s is all about PLAY. This gym focused on building that muscle through FUN

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Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?