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If you’ve been following my journey over the last 8 months or so, you’ll know that I was journeying though what I called “The Void”.

I surrendered fully to my Souls journey, letting go of much of what I was doing and how I was doing them and creating space for what was wanting to be birthed next through me.

It’s has been a journey that has required:

  • Developing greater levels of courage and trust – in myself and the Universe.
  • Learning to receive on a whole new level.
  • Being willing to let go of what was working (much harder than letting go of what’s not working).
  • Being willing to employ greater levels of patience. (woo-sa!)
  • Practicing greater levels of self love, self care and radical self acceptance.
  • Feeling deeper levels of pain, doubt and fear.
  • Receiving deeper levels of love and support.

In hindsight, I realize I have been on a Journey of Emancipation.

It’s been much like being in labor and giving birth. You have to relax into it, breathe through it and rely on the support of your delivery coach.

Today, I’m excited to share with you, my regular readers, my tribe… I HAVE GIVEN BIRTH!!!

What I have birthed is a movement I have been called to lead. This movement is ultimately one of personal and financial emancipation that I am calling: ‘Ultimate Freedom.’

… and I am terrified.

Why? I’m not entirely sure. There could be a million reasons why.

Knowing why is not important. The key is that I’m not allowing the feeling of terror to stop me by getting caught up in the “why”. (I’ve grown wise to that piece of the game.) I’ve learned not to run away from these powerful emotions. Our willingness to feel our emotions fully, to embrace them, is how we transmute them.

This is one of the most powerful and freeing things we can learn to do: Feel our feelings fully. Especially the painful ones.

This is a vital piece of the emancipation process, because “what you won’t be with, won’t let you be.”

Being willing to face and feel what you are most afraid of, is supremely powerful. What you learn is that that most FEAR is False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. A protective mechanism designed to stop us, to keep us safe.

And “WHY” is one of the most skillful defense mechanisms the mind employs. It will take you down a “rabbit hole” of distraction and have you so busy trying to “figure out the “why”, you won’t even notice that you’ve stopped moving forward!

How many times have you gotten caught up in trying to figure out “why?”…

Why you acted the way you did; why you made a certain decision; why you feel a certain way; why someone else acted a certain way or said a particular thing; why they didn’t respond a certain way… etc. etc. etc.

This journey of emancipation requires a collaboration between the head and the heart and is led by the Soul.

We have been conditioned to glorify the intellect, the mind. To not trust the heart.

Ultimate Freedom is experienced when the mind is surrendered to the Soul and the Heart is healed and available to open wide, feel fully and connect freely and fearlessly.

To achieve Ultimate Freedom we must be emancipated from the bondage of fear created by conditioned mindsets that cause us to limit who we think we are, what we are capable of and what is possible for us. It impacts how we treat ourselves and others, how we show up in the world and, ultimately, what we create and experience.

For too long we have been manipulated and held captive by our fears, doubts and insecurities. They cause us to hide out, play small and settle for less than what we truly desire.

What we truly desire is Freedom.

Unfortunately, most of us have no idea how enslaved we really are.

The place we are enslaved, is in our own minds.

We are at the mercy of thoughts and feelings that we seem unable to control.

We suppress and repress them in an attempt to manage them (a huge energy drain)

We try to drown them out by being busy, or feverishly engaging in activities that elevate our mood.

They disturb the quality of our sleep or keep us awake at night.

They keep our nervous system in a heightened state of anxiety.

They drain our energy. Diminish our vitality, health and well-being.

They steal or diminish our joy.

To get to the joy, we have to be willing to acknowledge and release the pain.

To emancipate ourselves from everywhere we have mentally enslaved ourselves.

This is a Freedom movement.

What does freedom feel like for you? Take a moment and tap into the feeling…

Are you ready for more of that?

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Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?