“I feel so stuck!”
“I know what I need to do and I’m just not doing it. I find myself procrastinating and I’m freaking out because I’ve so much to do and I’m just not taking action. I’m not making enough money in my business. I’m so disgusted with myself!”
Sound familiar?
I hear these statements all the time. I’ve said them myself.
Then there are those times we don’t even realize that we are stuck. We are busy. Very busy. Doing lots of things. But not getting the results we want.
What makes us procrastinate?
Makes us avoid
What keeps us “stuck”?
Fear of…
Making the wrong decision
Not being good enough
What other people will think (being judged)
Making more money (will I be able to manage it? Will I have pay more taxes?)
Having more stress
Not having enough time
Not being loved

These fears are usually False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.
It can show up a procrastination, confusion, overwork, undercharging, etc.
The key to overcoming this kind of fear, and getting you back into joyful action, is to uncover the patterns that created the misunderstandings, misinterpretations and misperceptions and correct them.
My zone of genius is helping people get to the heart of what is stopping them – from achieving the success they desire, from having the love they want, from making more money, taking action, being happy, being healthy….etc.
I have enough certifications to fill a wall. I have built two successful businesses. I have 30 years experience in my profession. But none of these are my greatest asset. The thing that makes me my clients secret weapon is my gift of intuitive insight. Also known as clairvoyance and clairaudience, it is the ability to perceive information with more than the physical senses. It helps me get to the root cause of your challenge quickly and easily.  I am able to tap into guidance from an infinite source of wisdom and assist you in releasing and resolving old patterns and emotional wounds.
Our beautiful, brilliant, highly evolved and educated minds are extremely skillful at protecting us from the things we fear. It creates sophisticated defense mechanisms to sabotage our progress towards that which we consciously want, but subconsciously fear.
Take *Mary* for example, an entrepreneur who is struggling to build a network marketing business and care for her aging mother who has dementia. She was having difficulty finding new leads and struggled with what to say to potential clients. She was avoiding networking, making sales calls and her business was not making any money.
She had lost her confidence and was questioning her ability to build a successful business.
Here’s some of what we uncovered:

  • She was running some old mental programs (limiting beliefs) that were causing her to resist the sales conversation and prospecting for new clients. Even the word “prospecting” conjured up feelings of being “pushy and manipulative” in her.
  • She had a belief that she “didn’t know how”: To talk about what she did. To conduct a sales conversation. To build her business and take care of her mom.
  • She was so focused on the lack – of time, of prospective clients, of money – that she could only see, experience and create more lack. (This is the Universal Law of Attraction at work. What you focus on expands).

The biggest obstacle though, was a childhood experience where she had not followed the rules, gotten into trouble with her Mom and worse, ruined her favorite dress. This really affected her ability to trust herself and made her form the opinion she did not know what was best for her and that she made poor decisions.  (It’s almost impossible to stand powerfully in your role as the CEO of your business when there is a part of you that doesn’t trust yourself to make good decisions!)

When you have mental programs (beliefs) that are in conflict with what you desire, the internal conflict creates an unconscious resistance which cause you to get stuck or struggle. It’s like having one foot on the gas and one in the brake or driving your car with the handbrake up! The result is your engine has to work much harder, your burn your tires out and you don’t move forward as fast – if at all.
Once we uncovered the root of the problem, turning it around was easy. I helped her to reframe her childhood experience and heal the misperception. I taught her a process for conducting an effective sales conversation. and helped her to see that selling is service. She has a heart of service and wants to make a difference. She helps change people’s lives by enhancing their health and well-being.
The result of this process was that she left with her confidence restored, fresh ideas for how to connect with potential clients, a renewed sense of excitement about her business and feeling inspired to lead her team.
We effectively “released the handbrake” and she was able to move forward with greater joy and ease! The old unconscious mental programs are no longer stopping her from taking the necessary actions to create the financial and personal freedom she desires.
Here’s what I’ve seen time and again: the things that we struggle with the most, the things that are really stopping us, are never obvious to us. They are hidden away in our blind spot. Tucked in the recesses of our subconscious mind, subverting your progress in an attempt to keep you safely in the status quo.
If you suspect you may be running a few limiting programs of your own; If you know you are capable of achieving more than you have; If you feel stuck in any area of your life or your business and if you are ready to get out of your own way… to uncover and breakthrough the patterns that are keeping you stuck and playing small,  that keep you from achieving your greatest potential… Join me for the Radical Shift Breakthrough Intensive, June 26-27.

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?