There are a couple of great myths we tell ourselves about being human and change.

The first is that there are ‘good’ emotions and ‘bad’ emotions. This is not the case, emotions are neutral – we don’t have to work to feel them, they happen in spite of us, they just ‘are’. 

We all naturally feel pain and sadness, we all naturally feel pleasure and happiness. 

The problem comes when we judge our emotions and tell ourselves a story about them. 

There is a flawed logic at play here, one we don’t apply to other elements of nature. We don’t judge a tree in winter when it is bare of leaves or say that it is more worthy in spring when it is in blossom. We accept that it is all part of nature, a cycle that makes the tree stronger and healthier.

The second great myth we tell ourselves is that transformation requires herculean action, that only big bold steps will bring about change and, therefore, we need to wait until we are ‘ready’ before we can change what we are unhappy about.

These two myths keep us stuck and in a perpetual state of waiting.

The truth is, you will always feel mixed emotions, especially when you’re dealing with something as powerful as money and your relationship with it.

And the truth is transformation is more often than not a quiet steady endeavor. It happens when we stop waiting to be ready and start to consistently take very small actions towards what we desire. 

It is the cumulative effect of all the small steps that allow us to move great distances.

As we approach the halfway point of this email series we would like to give you an opportunity to experience a new way of being with your emotions around money and your readiness to change your relationship with it.

It’s time to move the conversation off the page and into real life. With this in mind:

we invite you to join us for Money Talks Live on Wednesday 25th January at 5pm (Eastern).

This will be your chance to:

  • Turn up exactly as you are with all the emotions you have around money right now
  • Step out of isolation and join others to talk about money in a safe and supportive space
  • Ask us any questions about the insights we have shared with you so far
  • Feel the power that a little action can have in moving you out of stagnation
  • Experience a new way of being around money – during our time together we will lead you in an exercise that will help you to feel grounded, calm and light

The session will be 90 minutes and is completely free – all you need to do is take the small step of clicking the button below and fill in your details, to be sent all the joining information. 

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?