Manifestation is one of those words that has become a “buzzword”. Often associated with the Universal Law of Attraction, for many it conjures up images of having things appear magically “out of thin air” (but only if you know “The Secret”).

For others, it denotes an ability to attract without effort – a gift that is given to a select few. In reality, we are all manifesting all of the time, 24/7. We are all co-creators of life.

The question becomes – are you manifesting what you really want? Your hearts true desires? And if so, are you struggling to get what you have? Does it feel simple and joyful?

If not, where are you out of alignment?

Here are 5 areas of misconceptions – or misalignment – I see in my work that prevent us from being able to manifest that which we desire the most (with ease and grace).

  1.    Not being open to new possibilities

We are all products of our environment and our education. We create from our current level of awareness and knowledge. When we become closed-minded, (operating within the sphere of the familiar and what we currently know) we shut ourselves off from alternatives or new ideas that we hadn’t previously considered.

When we open to new possibilities, we are able to see ways of being that we hadn’t previously considered. We can tap into a state of flow, where we are spontaneous, open and creative. Don’t limit yourself – be open to the infinite kaleidoscope of thoughts and actions that are available to you. (This can be challenging because stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things can feel dangerous or unsafe.)

  1.    Focusing on the wrong thing

Most people inadvertently focus in what created the desire in the first place – what they don’t want. For example, a desire for more money may have been created by feeling stressed about bills that need to be paid and the lack of money to pay them. So you end up feeling more stressed and experiencing more lack.

In order to manifest the desire that matches your vibration, you need to make a quantum leap and act as if you already have what you wish to manifest. in this example, you need to tap into the vibration (feeling)  of “all my bills are paid”. What does that feel like?

  1.    Not delving deep enough into your “why”

Sometimes the thing we think we want is not what we really want.

For example, if you say you want to manifest a winning lottery ticket, is that truly the essence of what you really want?

To find out, keep asking yourself “why?”

“Why do you want to win the lottery?” “So that I will have plenty of money.” Why do you want plenty of money?” “So that I can be financially free.” “Why do you want to be financially free?” “So that I can quit my job and spend more time with my family.”

In this example, the essence of the request is not to win the lottery – it’s to have more time with family.

When we let go of “how” we get there and focus on the “why”, we are more likely to manifest our deepest desire because it’s what we truly want.

  1.    Holding on to the past

In order to embrace the future, you need to release the past. Often there are remaining layers of issues that you have already worked on in the past that need to be released.

What got you here won’t get you there. The patterns that kept you safe and helped you to survive, unresolved, become the very patterns that sabotage and limit your ability to achieve your full potential and truly thrive.

If you want your future to be different from the past, you have to let go of old hurts, limiting beliefs and painful emotions. You may need help to do this. Forgive, move on so you can manifest your dreams.

  1.    The Universe will do all the work

Some people think that when you send your desires “out to the Universe”, then you just have to sit, and wait, and you will get what you want.

Unfortunately, most of us have been led to believe that we are separate from the Universe/God/Source, which creates a gap between who we think we are (and what we are capable of) and who we really are.

Until we close this gap, we have to work at being an energetic match (being aligned) to what we desire and take deliberate, inspired action toward what we desire.

You have to be willing to:

  •         Let go of the struggle and trust yourself and your higher power
  •         Love yourself enough to give yourself permission to have more
  •         Let go of the fear of change
  •         Practice being in alignment
  •         Become aware of what’s in your blind spot (your limiting patterns) and change them
  •         Learn to relax and receive

There is much to learn on the journey to the next level of your soul’s growth.

You know, deep down, that you can do better. Where are you limiting your potential or your joy? Want to know what’s in your blind spot?

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