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June 7, 2023By Matthew Gordon-Martin
The Power of Play

By Matthew Gordon-Martin BA MFA Play is a powerful resource. Psychologists and global researchers have discovered that play is vital to the development of children. This is widely accepted and we champion play for children all the time! But why only children?  In recent times...

February 21, 2023By Helen Macmillan
Making Change Possible

I’ve been at this personal development game for a looooong time. Over 35 years.  I first learned that change was possible, FOR ME, when I read Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”. Before that, I truly thought that...

February 14, 2023By Helen Macmillan
How are you doing with your self-love?

Today is the day of LOVE. While the world celebrates our relationships with others (and there’s nothing wrong with that) I’d like to invite you to focus on the relationship with yourself as well. How are you doing with your self-love? In the past,...

January 14, 2023By Helen Macmillan
The body doesn’t lie.

Here’s a little thought experiment for you. If your friends and neighbors were suddenly able to find out exactly how much you earn and spend, your credit card balance and the value of your savings, how would you react? More...

March 8, 2022By Matthew Gordon-Martin
The Power of Peace

For a long time I judged being “peaceful” and people’s desire for it. (I know, please don’t judge me. lol!) My younger self thought, “why wouldn’t you desire something more than peace!?!”. Peace seemed dull, boring and uninspiring. Now that...

August 24, 2020By Helen Macmillan
Finding your Joy, when ‘the going gets tough’

I’m here in California snuggling with my 3 month old grand daughter, Emilia. As I sink my nose into her neck, deeply inhaling that oh-so-sweet baby smell, I am deeply grateful to finally hold her in my arms. My heart...

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