I am, unapologetically, a big fan of feeling “good”! (happy, contented, joyful, peaceful, calm). Having spent a good chunk of my early life depressed and feeling bad, riding the emotional roller coaster of doubt, fear, shame, judgement, criticism and comparison. I’m soooo over that! 🙂

I wouldn’t change a thing about my past. Inherent in each experience was a gift: a lesson, a healing, an opportunity. It is how we interpret a situation and respond to it that determines our experience of it. The greatest gift was learning that I have the freedom to CHOOSE how I interpret and respond to a situation/experience – which impacts how I FEEL! (I also learned the hard way that the lesson will keep presenting again and again till we get the “gift”) 🙂

Once I learned about the Universal Law of Attraction (which says that what you focus on expands and like energy attracts like energy) I really began to understand how important it was to increase my awareness and strengthen my ability to focus my attention on what I WANT and what makes me feel good – so I can have more of that! This is where many people get hung up. They don’t realize they are focusing on what they DON’T want or getting stuck in feeling “bad” (angry, powerless, depressed, hopeless). I see it all the time.

The key is this: everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Different emotional states carry different frequencies and so feel different. E-motions are just energy in motion. Many of us have learned to judge different emotional states as “good” or “bad”. Generally, when we feel “good”, we are in a higher vibrational state and we feel lighter, more energized.

Here’s why “Feeling Good” is so powerful: When you are in a higher vibrational state (feeling “good”) you are calmer, more relaxed, your thinking is clearer and more creative, you’re more energized and your ability to focus improves (making you more likely to find/attract a solution and take positive action). It is the state that is supportive of growth and expansion. Everything just feels easier in this state.

When you interpret (judge) an emotional state as “bad” or “wrong” you resist it. Resistance stops or hinders the flow of energy and can cause you to get “stuck” in that state. Additionally the judgement adds weight (density) and further inhibits the flow of the energy and increase the time it takes you to move through that state.

When you feel challenged and are reacting negatively, try to shift (up level) your vibrational state as quickly as you can. This will get you back in the flow. How do you do this? Start by releasing any judgement of yourself, the situation or others who may have contributed to it. Next inhale deeply and exhale powerfully. This also helps energy to flow. Honor the feelings you are having. Feel them fully – without judgement – sit with them and feel the discomfort until it starts to dissipate. (It may take a few minutes or longer). Once it starts to dissipate, focus on what you would prefer to feel. Find a memory of a person or situation that evokes that feeling in you. Breathe that in.

Other ways of “Up leveling” your vibrational state are: going for a walk in nature, doing some exercise (including making love), watching a comedy or hanging out with friends you love. Avoid complaining and ruminating on the problem. The point is to shift your focus off the problem and open to finding a solution!

What other fun ways do you have of “Up-leveling Your Vibes”?  Share with us in the comment section below!

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