Powerful thinking powerful results

I was at an event last weekend and I asked a woman I was chatting with if she had joined the program that was being offered by the coach who’s event it was. She replied: “I’d love to. I really want to. I need it …BUT … I’m in another program that doesn’t finish until October.”

I asked her if the program she was in covered the same things as this program. She said no. She also said she knew is that there was more she needed and that this program offered it. As she spoke, I saw that she had simply not contemplated that she could have both.

This was about the “AND” – Adding more of what she needed and wanted. Her eyes grew wide as I introduced the possibility of this option. (One of my most favorite things to do is to help people shift their mindset and see new possibilities).

She had been doing what so many of us do on a daily basis (without realizing it) – coming from a conditioned mindset of lack.

When we come from a mindset of limitation and lack we think in terms of “either / or” – assuming we have to choose and we can’t have both.

I’ve often been asked how I achieved the rapid growth I have experienced in my business over the last few years. It is this: I have embraced the power of “AND”. If I was with a mentor, or in a program, that wasn’t providing all I needed, I went and got what was missing from somewhere else. I added what I needed, often having 2-3 mentors (in different areas) at the same time.

The concept of “AND” is one of abundance. It is expansive. Abundance is having more than enough!

The word “BUT” is usually limiting and negates or diminishes what was said just before it.

What’s your default setting? Abundance or Lack? Empowered or Disempowered?

It’s important to become aware (if you want to change it) because how you are thinking about something with determine your results.

Start by paying attention to what you are thinking and saying.

I always say to my clients: “The most important person to listen to is yourself”. Pay attention to what you say to others (the advice you give others, is most often what you need to heed yourself) and pay attention to the conversations you are having with yourself (in your mind).

As you listen to yourself speak, you will discover what you truly think and believe. With the awareness comes the opportunity to change what is not aligned with what you want to experience or create. Remember… Thoughts Become Things.

So, back to my story… I walked that lady right over to the sign-up desk and held her hand as she stepped over her conditioned mental barrier of lack (choosing to have one or the other) and into abundance (having both). She gave herself permission to receive what she KNEW she wanted and needed. When I left her she was giddy with excitement (and fear) and grinning from ear to ear!

Next time you catch yourself struggling to choose between two things, take a moment to remember that you could have them both!


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