Earlier in this ‘Money Talks’ blog series, we told you that money is, “the ultimate mirror” and, a mirror cannot be a ‘problem’. 

In fact, the opposite is true. As a mirror, money gives you an opportunity to SEE yourself (your thoughts and beliefs) from a different perspective – the outside in – and any changes you make, are also reflected back to you.

So really this series isn’t just about money, it’s about transformation. 

In our last blog, we dispelled two of the great myths around transformation – (1) that significant change is only possible when we take huge steps AND (2) that we need to wait until we are ‘ready’ before we start.

If transformation isn’t those things, it’s fair for you to ask, “what is it then?”

Transformation is sustained change.

Change is making different choices, which lead to different actions and behaviors; which lead to different outcomes.

It begins when you bring awareness to and connect with the issue you wish to transform – just as we have been with these emails. 

Next you examine what you are seeing: Are your beliefs really yours or have you inherited them? Have your past experiences affected your thoughts and energy in ways that no longer serve you? 

Then you set about clearing those obstacles, shifting the stuck energetic blocks and shedding the unhelpful beliefs and behaviors that are stopping you from living the experience you want.

Once this is done you at last get to be creative (our favorite part!). What is possible? How could this be different? From this place you create new beliefs and behaviors that are aligned with the relationships and experiences you now wish for.

Finally, remembering that transformation is also a cycle, you regularly return to gently check in that you haven’t come off the path you desire, or that what you desire hasn’t changed. 

Connect –> Clear –> Create.

This is a part of the Cycle of Transformation. The process brings you into alignment with your truth and sets you free to be, do and have whatever youtruly desire. 

If you are curious about what your money mirror is reflecting back to you, and how it might be an invitation to enter your own cycle of transformation, join us for Money Talks LIVEthis Wednesday 25th January at 5pm.

During our time together we will hold a safe space for you to connect with the perspective or experience of money that you want to transform, honor your feelings around it (this immediately starts to clear the energy) and create a path for you to experience money freedom.

Which leaves us with just one final thing to tell you about transformation – it’s a hell of a lot easier, faster and way more fun when you have support! 🙂

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?