I consider a ‘Million Dollar Life’ to be one where you not only have the money to live where and how you are comfortable and fund the activities you enjoy, but to have a level of joy and contentment with who you are and what you have. To have a sense of peace within yourself.
In order to have a happy life, you have to include the things that make you happy. In order to have a life of passion and purpose, you have to include the things you are passionate about and be purposeful in how you live your life! This seems ridiculously obvious but it is oh so easy to get derailed and sidetracked. It actually takes a level of conscious awareness and deliberate intention to truly live a live YOU love. It also takes believing that it is possible for you and that you deserve it!

So how do you know if you’re off track? If you are running mental programming that is limiting you in some way?

Simple, you don’t feel good most of the time. Or your life feels “OK”, not great. You may have convinced yourself that you don’t need more, despite a gnawing inner desire. You may even catch yourself thinking yourself that “I should be grateful! This is so much better than what other people have!”. If you find yourself justifying or convincing yourself a lot, that’s a big red sign that there’s work to do! 🙂

I was working with a client yesterday who was feeling kind of blah. He was expressing that he felt that the last 11 years of his life were extraordinarily challenging and he was angry at God because he was a good person but felt like it had just been one #&@!-ing thing after another and he “just couldn’t catch a break”. I asked him “what happened 11 years ago?”. He replied “that’s when I left my marriage”. I asked if he thought he was being punished for leaving the marriage. He said yes and he realized right then that, even though the marriage had ended 11  years ago – and even though he knew it was the right thing for him and he couldn’t imagine being married to her today – he still felt responsible for her!
The result was that he had unconsciously limited the amount of happiness and joy he allowed himself to have and to feel!

This is something I see quite often in my work with clients. Unconscious ways of limiting ourselves. Old subconscious patterns that prevent us from playing full out or having a ‘Million Dollar Life’ – the life of our dreams.
This I know for sure: To create a life you love, to live a purposeful, passionate, joy-full – ‘Million Dollar Life’ – you must invest the time, energy and money in becoming aware of yourself, your hearts desires, your unique purpose, what’s meaningful to you and release the patterns and conditioning that no longer serve you. It is why I so resonate with this quote from the book ‘Future Shock’: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, it will be those who refuse to unlearn and relearn”.
This too I know for sure: You can’t see your own blind spots and it is easier to facilitate change when you have help. So if you know – or even have a slight inkling – that there is something holding you back, that there is greater potential within you, that you are not playing full out and living your ‘Million Dollar Life’, schedule a free 30 min phone consultation with me and let’s see how I can help.

I still catch myself in self limiting behaviours from time to time and I have people in my life who help me see what’s in my blindspot. It’s become somewhat of a fun game for me – but it’s only fun because I don’t judge myself when I do, and because I know I can change it if I’m aware of it!

Have you caught yourself limiting yourself too? I love to hear about it. Leave a comment below!

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?