Growing up I was often told I was being “too emotional”.  In response to my emotional outbursts my mother would tell me, “All of life is in your mind!”, which I interpreted at the time as “get a hold of yourself and snap out of it”.
Unable to understand the profound truth in that statement, I simply felt dismissed, unheard and misunderstood (as many teenagers are apt to do).
But, like so much else else, her words were stored in the nether reaches of my mind, available for retrieval at a later date (or maybe they even served to guide me to the path I am on now.)
I now understand that what she was referring to is how our thoughts create our reality. Our interpretation of those thoughts and beliefs create our perception of life, generate our emotional responses and our overall emotional state of being.
I spent a good portion of my life riding the emotional roller coaster. By the time I got to my mid 30’s, I was sick of it! I wanted to get off!

The key to getting off the emotional roller coaster is to look at what you are thinking and believing – about yourself, others and life – and what emotional state those thoughts and beliefs are putting you in.

There are really only 2 emotional states of being. Love and Fear.Difference-between-love-and-fear
All other emotional states are simply a subset of one of these. For example, confusion, anger, jealousy, anxiety and judgement are all subsets of fear. Peace, joy, confidence, acceptance, gratitude and appreciation are all subsets of love.
Our Divine state of being is Love. We function optimally and life flows when we are in the emotional state of love. The energetic frequency of our heart is at its peak when we are feeling gratitude and appreciation (love). Have you ever noticed how when you are falling in love you feel light, free, powerful… Unstoppable?
Love opens, expands, creates, frees. Fear contracts, resists, stops, restricts.

In any moment when you find yourself struggling, stop and ask yourself “Am I coming from love or fear?”. If you are struggling, trust me, you are coming from fear! Take a deep breath and ask yourself “what am I afraid of?”.
Often the simple act of naming the fear will be enough to help loosen the grip and then you can choose what you would prefer to feel instead – comfort? ease? confident? relaxed?
Decide, then choose.
The other key to getting off the emotional roller coaster is making feeling good a top priority for yourself. Commit to it. Whatever it takes. Take action on it.
Look in the mirror and say these words aloud to yourself:
“I get to choose. No one or no thing can ‘steal’ my joy or my peace. I focus on finding the good in each person and situation. I find the gift in each experience. I choose to focus on what brings me joy. I surround myself with others who are aligned with my values and who uplift my spirit. I choose love. I choose peace”.
Do this daily for 30 days and let me know what happens!

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?