My new book is entitled “P.A.I.N. – An Invitation to Self Love”.
It contains much of the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that I’ve gained through many decades of working with people in physical and emotional pain and, the journey of healing my own.

What I’ve learned is that every painful experience of our life is an opportunity. To heal, understand, grow, connect. To shift in some way, our relationship with ourselves.

That physical pain? An opportunity to Pay. Attention. Inside. Now.
That emotional pain? An opportunity to Pause. And. Investigate. Now.
When we do, we get to access our inner wisdom and to strengthen the relationship with ourselves.

Unfortunately, most of us do not have a habit of engaging with ourselves in a kind, loving way – consistently.
– We go for a massage when we are tied up in knots or in pain.
– We rest for extended periods when we are sick, stopping only when we can’t go anymore.
– We exercise when we are uncomfortably overweight, feel painfully sluggish or have been diagnosed with a health condition.
– We consistently make the needs of our loved ones, our clients, etc. more important than our own until we feel exhausted and resentful.
– We chastise ourselves when we make mistakes. Criticize our shortcomings. Unfairly compare ourselves to others.

What if your pain – whatever form it takes – was an invitation to come home to yourself?

To nurture and nourish your body, mind and soul? To create a sanctuary inside of yourself – a space that was so warm and welcoming, so safe and comforting, that you were excited to spend time there. Every. Day.

Do you remember the last time you were falling madly in love? You couldn’t wait to see your lover again. You made time in your busy schedule to see them. In fact, you may have married that person so you could spend every day together. Sleep together every night. Share your hopes and dreams with each other.

What if you fell madly in love with you?

Your body. Your mind. Your Soul.

What if you became your own best friend?
Your greatest advocate and cheerleader. Fiercely loyal to you. Being there for yourself, no matter what. Encouraging yourself when you feel down. Celebrating your successes. Just hanging out and shooting the breeze together.

What if you mothered yourself?
Kissed your bruises better. Prepared nourishing meals for yourself. Making sure you were well taken care of. Inspiring you to become your best self.

What if you became your best lover?
Holding yourself close and whispering sweet nothings in your own ear.

What if you were your greatest protector and provider?
Setting and holding healthy boundaries, like your life depended on it. Committed to making sure you were safe and that your hearts desires were fulfilled.

What would that feel like?
How would that change your life experience?

I can tell you. It’s a journey I’ve taken myself and that I guide my clients on. You have more joy, peace, comfort and well-being. You are happier, healthier and wealthier.

Whatever your pain is, it is simply the doorway that leads to the opportunity to SHIFT something inside yourself.  It is an invitation to love yourself in new and unprecedented ways.

The shift begins with ACKNOWLEDGING your pain and the IMPACT it has on your life experience. To be WILLING to see yourself and your experiences differently – through the eyes of love and compassion.


If you desire the guidance and support to get clear on what needs to shift for you, or how to make that shift, please consider joining us at the next SHIFT Breakthrough Intensive in March.
Click here for more details.

Until then, take the challenge to become your own best friend. Start connecting with yourself and gifting yourself with what you are waiting for others to give to you – time, love, money, attention, etc.

Until next time.

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?