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May 31, 2022By Matthew Gordon-Martin
The Confidence to Make a Change

As I lay down on the yoga mat, dripping in sweat from the heated room. A familiar sense of ease washed over me.  I remember this. This is home. Today I chose to go back to Bikram yoga after a...

May 3, 2022By Helen Macmillan
Owning Your Value

Understanding and owning your value – your worth – is a huge part of reclaiming your power, unleashing your brilliance and living an uncompromised life. We all have inherent value and worth simply because we exist – as a creation,...

April 27, 2021By Helen Macmillan
What’s the TRUE Source of your Pain?

A client and her husband were going through a messy patch in their 30+ yr marriage. He had recently asked for a divorce, rented another place to live but had only spent two nights away from their home since doing...

February 4, 2019By Helen Macmillan
Falling In Love With Yourself

My new book is entitled “P.A.I.N. – An Invitation to Self Love”. It contains much of the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that I’ve gained through many decades of working with people in physical and emotional pain and, the journey of...

July 25, 2018By Helen Macmillan
How Creativity Can Spark Your Spiritual Life

Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods and interpretations. Let’s face it, that doesn’t readily happen in the confines of a mind conditioned by “shoulds”;...

May 9, 2018By Helen Macmillan
10 Ways to Open Your Heart to Love

Many people are afraid to open their heart to love. Perhaps they’ve experienced a broken heart in the past, or maybe the idea of being emotionally vulnerable makes it difficult to open their heart to love in the first place....

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