It’s August 2010 and I’m walking through the exhibitors hall at the EWomen’s conference in Dallas – having an epic meltdown.
I’m crying my eyes out. Feeling totally overwhelmed, lost and alone. I’m confused and struggling with self doubt and fear.

I’m surrounded by all these amazing women entrepreneurs and I’ve convinced myself they are all smarter, more savvy, more accomplished than me. I have completely forgotten the amazing accomplishments in my life up till that moment. (Which included building 2 successful businesses). I. am. in. total. despair.

Ever have one of those moments?

Often that moment of breakdown precedes a breakthrough.
It is darkest just before the dawn. You see, it was at that conference I signed up for my dream coach training – a profound experience that gave me the missing pieces on HOW to make my dreams,  no matter how big or small, a reality.
Here I am 5 1/2 years later, living that dream of making great money doing what I love and having a life I am grateful to wake up to every day (believe me, that was not always the case).

As a success coach, I help my clients get clear on what they truly want to achieve and then create joyful and sustainable success from the inside out – by changing their mindset. Once you change the way you think, everything changes.

       Success is 90% mindset. You have to build the skill of managing your Mind!

Your mindset – your beliefs, perspective, outlook – drive your emotions, perceptions and behaviors. It determines the way you interpret and respond to life situations and circumstances – and ultimately the results you create.
I’d like to help you shift your perspective – because that’s what a miracle is – a shift in perspective. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
Quantum Physics tells us that simply by observing matter, we change it. How cool is that?! Simply having an awareness of something starts to change it. Here’s the flip side of that coin: You can’t change what you can’t see
This is why becoming more aware – more conscious – is vital (if you desire to change or improve your circumstances in any way).
If you are completely satisfied with the way things are and have no desire to improve upon them you can stop reading right here.
If you’d like to create change in some area of your life or your business, read on, because I’m going to share some key perspectives with you – to set you up for success in making your dreams a reality or getting to that next level of growth and expansion…
#1 – You can’t do it alone.You are trapped in your head with you. Your current level of thinking, your current level of consciousness and as Einstein said “You can’t create a solution with the same level of consciousness that created the problem in the first place”.
You can’t see what’s in your blind spot.
Like I said before…
            You can’t change what you can’t see

#2 – You can’t be going after the dream because someone else (your mother, father, spouse, friends etc.) would approve, or thinks it’s a good idea. That’s a sure recipe for failure!
YOU have got to be inspired by your goals or you won’t have the fire to sustain the journey to making them a reality.

#3 – You have to BELIEVE it’s possible to have what you want. I often catch my clients selling themselves short and going after the dreams that “seem possible” instead of what they truly what. The good news is, You CAN change your beliefs. You just have to figure out what subconscious beliefs you have that are not aligned with your goals and dreams and change them.

#3- The only thing that can stop you from accomplishing any goal or dream is your FEAR or limited thinking.

This journey of entrepreneurship is a path of self growth. It’s about who you have to BE in order to DO what you have to Do and HAVE what you want to have.

 The Formula For True Success:

  • You have to love and trust yourself.
  • You have to believe in yourself and your dream. Even when others don’t.
  • You have to BE consistent, courageous, clear, compassionate, focused.
  • You have to learn to stop judging yourself and beating yourself up when you make mis-takes.
  • You have to stop blaming others and making excuses. Because they only limit you.
  • You have to learn to forgive and move on. To let go of what’s not working – marketing strategies, ineffective employees, non-ideal clients. And embrace new ideas and ways of being.
  • You have to practice radical self care – exercise, get enough rest, practice positive self talk, set healthy boundaries, ask for what you need.
To accomplish this you have some do some emotional healing and mindset work. This is where I can help you. This is my zone of genius. My superpower.

Not only do you have to have an action PLAN for how you will accomplish your dream ( because a dream without a plan is a fantasy), You have to have a plan for how you will stay on track and committed in spite of the inevitable obstacles and setbacks that are a normal part of the journey of life.

How you will manage your mind? It can be your greatest asset or your greatest nemesis. As I’ve said before, your thoughts and beliefs drive your emotions and your behavior.
Do you have resources that support you in staying calm, grounded, focused, creative, energized. What I call “the million dollar zone” because that state of mind is where you function optimally.
You have to have tools to draw on when fear comes up as you start to take action on the plan you’ve created.

You have to learn to recognize and overcome the obstacles – like overwhelm, confusion, procrastination, self doubt. When your inner critic is nattering on you have to have a way to create a shift in your internal environment and refocus and stand in your confidence and keep making sales calls even after a string of “no’s”.

This is something everyone struggles with at some point. Every time you put yourself out there. Stretch to the next level. Take bigger risks. Fear is GOING to come up. Life is GOING to present challenges. What is your ‘go-to’ tool? Do you have one? More than one? No one thing works the same way every time.

You need some tools that will support you in staying in action on your plan – from a calm, joyful place. I want you to have some tools for managing your state of mind as to step out, stretch and take action on your plan.
I want to help you SOAR.
Click here and schedule a complimentary discovery call and let’s identify your unique challenges and create a plan to move through them so you ensure your success and make your dreams a reality!

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?