Part of living beyond struggle and limitation is that you begin to have an awareness of opportunities everywhere and receive them.
The dictionary defines an opportunity as:
1- an appropriate or favorable time or occasion
2- a situation or occasion favorable for the attainment of a goal
3- a good position, chance or prospect, as for advancement or success.

When we look at the world through the lens of our limitations (conditioning) we tend to limit what we would consider an opportune moment or situation. But what if every moment was an opportunity?
As I was writing in my gratitude journal this morning, noting the things I was grateful for in my day yesterday, I found myself writing “I’m thankful for the opportunity to _____” repeatedly, preceding the thing I was grateful for. I then had this huge aha! Every moment, every situation is an opportunity for something! To learn something, become aware of something, receive something, learn something, give something, heal something, express something, learn something…

One of the things I was grateful for was helping a client, who is also a dear friend, to see her situation from a different perspective. (A Course in Miracles says a miracle is simply a shift in perception).
When she called yesterday, she was feeling pretty hopeless, like the “rug has been pulled out from under her”. She is in a financial situation that she has never been in in her life. Her usual sources of financial support are not available to her any more. She was having a “meltdown”. She feels terrified, stressed, abandoned and alone. She is having migraine headaches and hasn’t slept well in weeks. The truth is she is not alone, she has a source of income (2 part time jobs) and she has been living a lie for a long time. The lie she has bought into her whole life,  is the she is not capable of supporting herself financially, even though she is a well educated, brilliant woman. But, her cultural and familial conditioning has led her to believe these lies. Deep down she does not feel valuable, good enough, or capable of financially supporting herself and her children. This is reflected in her inability to keep any of the money that flows into her life. She has always been able to manifest it, she just doesn’t keep any of it? Can you relate?
My clients current situation is an opportunity. My job is to remind her of that and to help her see that and embrace it. The truth is this is part of what she has ordered from the universe, because one of her desires is to make great money doing what she loves and to live in joy. To do that she must build her life on a foundation of truth. Align her passions, talents and purpose. Change her relationship with herself and with money. This situation is all about giving her the opportunity to do that. Thank God she doesn’t have to do it alone. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you are in the midst of your pain (life lessons) it’s also hard to think clearly when you are in the grip of fear!
So my question for you is this: Are you appreciating the opportunities available to you each moment?

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It begins with the simple awareness of the opportunities inherent in each moment and making the decision to start taking advantage of them. Begin by practicing being fully present in each moment. You have to be “present” to see them. When you do, embrace them and receive them.

Have a great day!

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