staples-easy-buttonLast Friday morning I had a meltdown. I was feeling completely overwhelmed. I had so much to do, I didn’t know where to begin. I had major decisions to make on several fronts, both personally and professionally, and deadlines to meet that day. In my state of overwhelm I couldn’t decide what to do first and so I simply shut down!

Can you relate?

I sent an “SOS” email to my coach who, thankfully, was able to call me right away. Our conversation helped to calm me, put things in perspective and get clarity on what I needed to do next and what I needed to let go of. This created a sense of ease within me. I made some decisions, and was able to get back in action and move forward joyfully in my day.

That was easy!

It wasn’t always that way.

For years I was addicted to struggle. I thought that for something to be worthwhile, it had to be hard. By solving complex issues, by doing things myself, I proved I was smart, capable… Worthy.

Making that call. Reaching out, was the result of breaking a pattern in my life. One of struggle, pride and self reliance. This pattern was so deeply ingrained in me that when I started to unlearn this habit of taking on too much, trying to save the world and making others happy (at my own expense) and started allowing myself to receive more, trust more – it felt really uncomfortable. At first it just felt WRONG!

This is the interesting thing about change. We want to have a different outcome, result, or feeling and we realize we need to choose something different, but everything in us resists it because it is so darn uncomfortable at first.

This discomfort is why we unconsciously resist the very things we say we want the most. Like…Love. Abundance. Ease. Flow. Support.

The thing is, we don’t realize we are resisting it. There is an unconscious pattern running that is countering what you want. It’s in your blind spot. You can’t see it. So you can’t change it.

I often say the smartest thing I ever learned to do is to receive help. It is an ongoing process for sure. I would invest in help and support and not use it. Have you done that? Bought stuff you never used?

That’s a receiving problem.

Ever had someone give you a compliment and you quickly give them one right back?  “Wow, you look great!” … “Thank you, you look great too!” – receiving problem!

If there is something you desire, that you do not have, it is because you have a receiving problem (bold)
Your job is to figure out what you want and open to receiving it. This may require unlearning some beliefs you have about yourself, the world and what’s possible.

Your mind may want to tell you you don’t have the things you desire because you don’t have enough (time, energy, money, information, discipline, support, connections.)

It’s, NOT about the money, the time or the support you DON’T have. If you keep believing that you will be stuck looking for something in the hall closet that is in the bedroom closet – and you’ll never find it!

You got to find the beliefs that are blocking you from RECEIVING and change them.
You may need help to do that. And to receive the help, you have got to be open to receiving(italics) it.

Begin the journey by deciding and being willing… That’s it. The rest is God/the Universe/Creators job.

We all want things to be easier. Ironically, because of our conditioning, it takes some work to get to the place where we can allow it it be. If you’re ready to begin the journey, email me at [email protected].

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?