Well, Donald Trump has been in office 11 days and chances are you are feeling

A) The world has gone mad

B) Incredibly stressed and angry

C) Disconnected from the whole thing

I spoke with a friend last night (who lives in another country) and she was feeling incredibly stressed out by what is happening here in America. I was curious as to why she felt so affected, since she doesn’t live here.

I forgot that the world is more connected now than ever.

She explained her fear is based in the similarity she sees between Donald Trump’s actions and Adolph Hitler. It doesn’t take much for the mind to “connect the dots” and make the fearful assumption that “a world war may be around the corner”.

That’s what the mind does. It connects random information, compares it to information stored in the memory banks (vast collection of everything you have ever seen, or experienced) and comes up with explanations, rationalizations and perspectives which then creates our response.

It’s all based in “love”. It’s trying to protect us. To keep us “safe”.

Unfortunately, it can cause us to recreate the same reality over, and over, again.

It’s the reason we need to do the inner work of healing our past traumas and negative assumptions. As you do, your mind no longer has these “dots” to connect to and you literally do not get triggered like you used to.

You are able to be more grounded and objective. More responsive vs reactive. You don’t get stressed as easily and you’re able to think more clearly and make better decisions.

So What’s The Opportunity Here?

This is an opportunity to really feel the fear that is coming up in you and change the way you respond.

Instead of pushing it away or dismissing it. Be willing to sit with it. Acknowledge it. 

Wrap it in love. Acceptance. Give it your full, loving attention. Not your judgement. Imagine hugging that fearful part of yourself in a warm, protective, comforting embrace – as you would a frightened child.

When you do. Then the tension (fear) actually dissolves and you relax.

A meditation practice can help you do that. It is a great awareness tool. It is a great connection tool (to your truth, to your state of being and to Source). It’s a great way to presence whatever is true for you and give your the opportunity to sit with it and explore it.

I ran a Meditation Challenge the week of the inauguration. I wanted to postpone it to the following week as I was between assistants and was doing all the back-end work myself, but I was strongly instructed by Spirit to do it that week. I complied and have (in hindsight) seen and been told why the timing was so right.

Here are just a few:

“The timing of this was perfect. I went into my management retreat (on Saturday) with a completely different energy. We got so much done!”

“My happiness quotient went up!”

“I showed up at work differently and as a result, I’m getting along with people I used to really butt heads with”

“My son got suspended from school (I got the call on the last day of the challenge) and is in danger of being expelled. I think I would have lost my mind had I not been so grounded from doing the challenge that week. I responded very differently than I have in the past”.

I had my own ‘opportunity’ too:

The Friday the challenge ended, I discovered my husband had made a decision last year that directly impacts me and had not told me about it. We are working through it and, I too, am responding differently than I would have in the past. I truly believe that it all came to light as a result of being steeped in the energy of love during that week of the challenge.

Thanks to all who participated. The connection, collaboration, support and sharing – the love – you all demonstrated for each other, made a huge difference to all of us and rippled out into the world around us.

The most challenging situations bring the greatest opportunity for growth and change. In the midst of the “craziness” that this new President is creating, I am seeing a level of love, support, collaboration that is unprecedented in my personal experience living here.

I am seeing people find their voices, step into their power and take action in ways they have never done before.

  • I saw and felt it at the Women’s March in Washington D.C.
  • I see it in the peaceful demonstrations at the airports all around this country.
  • I read it in the response from corporations like Lyft, Starbucks, Apple…and a growing number of others.

From my perspective, it’s all good.

Will you join me in shifting your perspective from anxiety and overwhelm, to one of hope and inspiration (love vs fear) by choosing to ask the question “What’s right about this that I might not be seeing?”.

Then, share your perspective with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear it.

P.S. For those of you who missed it, (or those who want to do it again) I will be offering the Free 5 Day ‘Ultimate Freedom’ Meditation Challenge again the week of April 10 – 14.

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