Yesterday I was going to the restroom on a break at a seminar I was attending. I was checking my emails on my phone while I walked (even though I get annoyed at people who nearly run me over because they are looking at their phones instead of paying attention to where they are going! Lol!)
My very full bladder was relieved to find there wasn’t the usual long line in the ladies rest room and I only put my phone away once I got into the stall because I’ve had many a friend whose phones have become casualties of a “toilet accident”.

Having been so preoccupied, it was only when I was walking out, and spotted the urinals along the wall, that I realized I had inadvertently walked into the mens bathroom!

How many times do we end up in the “wrong place” because we aren’t paying attention?

Like my friend who’s accountant once embezzled $2 million (YES… that was not a typo) because he was not doing his due diligence as the CEO in paying attention to the money in his business. (This is typical of an ‘avoider’ and way more common than you might think.)

Or, when we don’t pay attention to the signals our bodies give us to let us know when to stop and rest and we end up either injured or sick?

We’ve all been there at some point – strayed off course because we are distracted – or simply not paying attention.

It might be conscious (choosing to ignore something because we don’t want to deal with it), or it might be unconscious. (The mind often blocks our awareness or diverts our attention when we are afraid.)

If you have an issue with confronting something or someone it can seem easier to ignore it completely. But things ignored only tend to get worse!
It is one of the ways we leak our power because it takes energy to keep things hidden from ourselves.

What might you be ignoring that needs your attention?
Where are you paying attention too closely to something, to the detriment of other things?

It’s easy to stop paying attention to your relationships when you are building your business.

It’s easy to put your self care on the back burner when things are stressful and you have deadlines looming.

Ultimately, it can cost you time and/or money and cause you to end up where you don’t want to be.

Lucky for me it was just an empty mens room.
I like to think it was the Universe giving me a gentle wake up call to slow down and pay attention. 🙂

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?