There’s been some huge shifting going on recently on the planet. Can you feel it?

I’m not much of an astrology buff, but I have some pretty cool friends who are and I’ve been reliably informed that the planet Mercury has been in retrograde since January 21st. When this happens it’s an opportunity for clearing old patterns and stuff comes up to be healed and released. This can look like the sh#t hitting the fan! 🙁

challengesIn the last 3 weeks I’ve had a root canal, a gum infection, a filling fall out and needed my pelvis realigned! Wtf! I felt like my body was falling apart! Add to that that I decided to let go a staff member and I’m in the middle of creating a new program – I’ve been a little stressed! :-0

When we set powerful intentions and are going for our dreams, everything that’s in the way will show itself – so that we can get it handled. There’s a quote that I love that addresses this:

    “Love brings up everything unlike itself, so that it can be healed” ~ author unknown

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I always say, “You’ll never grow your business bigger than you grow yourself”, so these challenges are life’s way of helping you to grow. It’s ironic that my personal theme for this year is “growth”. (Don’t you just love the Universe’s sense of humor?) lol

If there are things we have put off, avoided or procrastinated around (all symptoms of fear) the universe will find a way to help us face it or push us through it. This is how a conglomeration of crises (which, individually, could be handled with ease) come together to create a “perfect storm”. Designed to wake us up and move us forward – they present in a way that cannot be ignored. The more evolved and experienced you are at managing disruptions, the more complex your perfect storm needs to be to truly get you to pay attention.

For one client is was a debilitating illness that caused her to stop running from the things she didn’t want to face, for another it was getting fired from a job he hated and had wanted to leave but had been too afraid to.

Right now it might be just a nagging heaviness in your heart, feeling irritated, or consistently stressed. A deep sadness or a lack of joy even though there is so much “right” about your life.

Whatever the form the wake up call takes, know this, it has to be painful enough for us to surrender the denial or resistance to change. It’s designed to push us out of our comfort zone and do things we haven’t been able to make ourselves do otherwise.

It serves to disrupt our “business as usual ” way of being or doing and creates an opportunity for us to make a shift. It is our inner wisdom asking us to pay attention, adapt the plan, stop and rest for a bit, love yourself, be kind to yourself, look at things from a different perspective or make a change.

At another point in time when these things happened my default programming would produce thoughts like: “why me?”, “what did I do wrong?”, “why can’t I catch a break?”.

Now I’m happy to say that by the time the filling fell out I was laughing hysterically (…ok maybe it was more of a manic laugh) and saying “Alright Universe, what am I missing? What’s right about this that I’m not seeing?”. (Yes, I do practice what I preach) 🙂

When we feel stressed and challenged is the time to dedicate more time to self care, put more support in place and make time for more connection (love and laughter) – which is what I’ve done this week. Too often we do the opposite, we withdraw from friends and put self care practices on the back burner.

3 Tips for handling your “Perfect Storm”

1- Be curious

Allow yourself to be curious about the situation, instead of judgemental. Be willing to look at things from a different perspective. Ask yourself “how could this be serving me?” And “what’s right about this that I may not be seeing?”.

2- Get help

Reach out to friends, your coach, or a trusted advisor. Avoid withdrawing and trying to muscle through it on your own.

3- Ramp up your self care

  • Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people who make you laugh,
  • Get a massage
  • Get some exercise (if you’re sick it can be exercising your diaphragm by taking deep relaxing breaths while you lay in bed)
  • Get some rest
  • Spend time in meditation, prayer or some form of reflective contemplation

Most importantly, remind yourself “this too, shall pass”.

It passes more quickly if you surrender and get help. If you are in the middle of a “perfect storm” or just getting the “taps” and want to avoid the storm, reach out, I’m here….

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?