I  “suffered” with bouts of depression for most of my teenage years and on and off through my 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s. What I now understand is that my depression was simply anger turned inward.  I happened to be angry for all kinds of reasons: because I didn’t get the attention I wanted; I was made to do things I really didn’t want to and made to feel quite powerless; I was told how I “should” be, or that how I was being was “wrong”, which made me feel “not good enough” (which is a big, fat lie). I lived what I learned, so every day I was creating my life experiences from this place of mis-understanding.

My journey of healing began in earnest when I discovered the work of Louise L. Hay in the form of her best selling book “You Can Heal Your Life”. I learned that I had a CHOICE. I had the power to CHOOSE: What I think about, who I hang out with, how I spend my time, how and where I live, what I believe, etc. WOW!!! Talk about an awakening!

I learned about the power of belief and how we create our lives by what we choose to believe. 

I set about creating a life that I love. Not the life I was taught would be a “good” or “successful” life (by other peoples standards). I redefined what success means to ME. (In the interest of full disclosure: This didn’t happen overnight and I got a lot of help).

It is an ongoing journey because we have to experience life to learn about it. As I have experiences, I learn what I like and what I don’t like, then I get to adjust the choices I make, the things I believe are possible and create a different set of experiences. This then gives me another opportunity to experience, decide and make different choices. How cool is that?!!!

Now my life is about showing others that they can too!

I  studied yoga which helped me become more aware – of my thoughts, my actions, my body, my reactions – because if you are not aware, how can you assess and then adjust accordingly? I learned ways of working with the energy in body and techniques to reprogram my mind so that I would create experiences more deliberately instead of by default. I expanded my consciousness and now understand that there are unlimited possibilities for creation! How much better does it get than this?

Now as I approach my 50th birthday in March, I continue to learn and grow and feel so grateful for all my experiences!

The most significant thing I have realized recently is this:

If you are feeling down, or uncomfortable inside yourself in any way, you are doing one of 3 things:

1. Doubting Yourself

2. Criticizing Yourself

3. Comparing Yourself

Pay attention. You’ll see. There is a very simple cure for this.

DECIDE to Never, Ever, under any circumstance, make yourself wrong again!

Ask yourself these questions: “What if I was never wrong?”. “What if every action and decision and experience I ever had was PERFECT?”   Can you see that if everything is Divinely perfect there would never be anything to doubt or criticize?

Hmmmm…… Food for thought. I would love to hear your thoughts on this so leave a comment below!

Have an amazing day!

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?