“You can’t change what you can’t see”. That’s why all change begins with awareness.

Awareness is consciousness and it requires presence. Being fully present expands our awareness and, the more aware you are, the more choice you have – to keep things the same (if you like it) or make a change (if you don’t).

It’s actually quite challenging to be fully present in each moment. Our mind is masterful at distracting us from being fully here and now by taking us to thoughts of the past or the future – especially if we don’t like what is happening in the present!

The Point of Power is always in the PRESENT moment because this is where change happens!

The thoughts we think, the images we see in our mind, trigger emotional and physical responses in our bodies. Our mind, through the imagination, can conjure up images of desired or unwanted realities, which in turn can cause us to feel either elation or terror.

One way to become aware of the unconscious thoughts you have ,is to become aware of your emotions. If you feel stressed, overwhelmed or depressed, I can guarantee that you are having negative, untrue or disempowering thoughts!.

You can learn to master your life by mastering your mind! Awareness of your physical body and emotional state can help you track what your mind is focusing on – and – most importantly, gives you the opportunity o change what is happening. This is why self awareness is a such powerful tool.

The challenge is that so many of us have learned to shut down our emotions simply to survive. There may have been a time in your life when things were so scary or overwhelming that it was necessary to do this. I know I did and so have most of my clients.

How can you tell if that is you? Pay attention.

How do you react to stress and drama? How do you respond in an emergency? Do you spring into action (constructive, focused action): do you shut down and freeze; or do you run away (avoid)?

How easily do you express your emotions? Speak your truth?

When stressed or under pressure, do you distract or numb yourself through alcohol, shopping, gossiping, watching tv, or mindlessly scrolling through social media?

Do you feel like you want to run away from your life rather than deal with what is happening?

What I’ve seen in my own life, and working with many hundreds of clients over the years, is that we need to first be willing to acknowledge the pain, discomfort or dislike for where we are and what is happening, before the change can begin and, most people are so busy avoiding feeling those feelings, they inadvertently keep themselves stuck in an undesired place.

You have to be willing to feel it to heal it!

Usually, all it takes is looking at the issue from a different perspective to create a completely different response (Around here we call that a miracle) 🙂 Sometimes we need support to do that because the old perspective is so deeply entrenched. (Reach out of you do).

So How Do We Expand Our Awareness?

By practicing Mindfulness – a technique in which one focuses one’s full attention only on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations but not judging them. (Did you know that the practice of mindfulness can reduce stress and physical pain?)

Here’s a challenge for you: Set the alarm on your phone for every 2 hours today. Each time it goes off, simply pause, take a deep breath and get present to what is happening within you and around you. Notice what you see, what you hear, what you smell and how you are feeling. Then go back to what you were doing.

Will you commit to doing this? Just try it and notice what you notice.

If you decide to do the challenge today, leave a comment below about what you experienced!

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?