Change-Your-LifeIn a recent session, one of my clients related the following story as we were celebrating the changes she is making in her life:

“I was having a really bad morning. I felt horribly depressed. I didn’t know why. It felt like there was a dark grey cloud over my head. I couldn’t think straight. All I could do was cry.
My husband was very concerned. Trying to cheer me up, He suggested I go to his parents house and relax while he was at his appointment.
I knew what I needed to do was just let whatever this was inside of me come out.
After I dropped him off, I sat in the parking lot and let the tears flow. I wept freely.
I didn’t need to judge nor understand what was happening. I just honored it.
To my surprise, the fog started to clear and I asked myself “what do you really want to do right now?”.
I thought about my husbands suggestion of spending the day at his parents home. I envisioned myself locked away in their guest room, working all day, only coming downstairs to eat lunch. That felt depressing.
I imagined sitting in a local Starbucks and working there. That was uninspiring also.
I loved the area I was in, there was a great outdoor mall with cool shops and I figured there must be a chic, trendy coffee shop somewhere. I drove there and found a beautifully decorated coffee shop with free wifi.
I spent a few hours working on my laptop and then strolled around looking at the beautiful stores until it was time to pick up my husband. He was shocked at the difference in me! I had such a beautiful day. I was relaxed, calm and beaming.”

What created this shift for my client?
First of all she was aware of her feelings and was willing to feel them. To honor them without judging, or even needing to understand them in the moment. Often times when we need to explain, justify or understand our feelings it’s because we want to control them or to please others. E-motions are energy in motion. They just need to be acknowledged and to flow.

Secondly, she checked in and used her ‘inner GPS’ to guide her to what was right for her that day. By following that, it led her to exactly what she needed. She was able to get work done AND feed her soul.

Third. She gave herself permission. To feel her feelings, honor them and do what felt right for her in that moment. She trusted the process and moved through it.

It takes a willingness to let go and trust. Yourself, the process and life.
It gets easier with practice.

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