OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOften times we get stuck in a negative situation because we avoid ranting and raving and expressing our outrage. There are many things that condition us to avoid expressing or honoring our extreme feelings of anger and rage.

– You may have have created pain and suffering for yourself or others in the past when you expressed your anger and hurt.

– Or you may have experienced being on the receiving end of someone else’s rage and it felt intimidating and disconcerting, especially if it came at you out of the blue and you have no idea what you did to incur their wrath! It can feel like someone vomited on you energetically. Yuck! You certainly wouldn’t want to be “that person”!

– Or maybe you have witnessed senseless acts of destruction and violence driven by unbridled rage in your family, community or on the news.

Sometimes we are “triggered” by seemingly insignificant things and unexpressed frustrations and repressed anger from past situations can come barreling to the surface, amplified, making us respond and behave in uncharacteristic ways!  Why is that?

Everything is energy. Emotions are energy in motion (E-motion). Energy is not good or bad, positive or negative. It just needs to flow. When we do not honor our emotions, when we judge having certain feelings, or have not learned healthy and empowering ways to honor them and express them, we often end up stuffing, storing and repressing them. This stops or limits the flow and can create physical pain and dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit.

So how do you benefit from releasing this powerful energy and letting it flow, without harming yourself or others or wreaking havoc with it?

This is where a good rant can help. It allows you to honor your feelings and release the energy that’s surging. Here are some suggestions for ways to honor your feelings and release the energy of it in non harming ways:

1- You can scream and shout (into a pillow or in your car with the windows up)

2- Do some eft tapping (check out my video on this)

3- Write about it in a journal. Express your feeling freely without censoring, criticizing or judging yourself and without any guilt. Your feelings are not good or bad, right or wrong, they are just how you feel in that moment (and chances are they will change if you don’t get stuck here).

4- Do some form of physical activity (Clean your house, go for a walk or run, put on music and dance)

Once you have channelled and released the energy surge, you will be a in a much more calm and centered place and can then decide if any further action is needed to handle the situation that triggered your anger, frustration or rage.

It is also helpful to ask yourself “what am I afraid of?” in relation to this situation because ultimately anger is a symptom of fear. Be willing to love, accept and embrace the part of you that is afraid because, even though the fear is often irrational and not reality-based, it can feel so real it can fool even the most brilliant and conscious of us!

Once you release, get centered and clear, solutions come to you easily and the situation resolves in seemingly effortless and miraculous ways.

Try it and let me know how this works for you.

Please leave a comment below. I love hearing from you, knowing you were here and if you found this helpful in any way.


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