receiving-joyWe live in a world where many people are struggling to make ends meet. The perception of not enough is constantly reenforced. We tell ourselves we don’t have enough … time, money, sleep, love etc. It’s interesting, because when we are so focused on lack (not enough) we are unable to perceive, receive and enjoy the abundance that we actually DO have!

We walk around closed off, completely unaware of  how we block the abundance that is here for us. Our good manners and upbringing condition us not to ask for, or to limit how we receive – help, support, money, love, joy, and ease! If it doesn’t show up in the right package, on the right day, we may assume it wasn’t for us – or it’s not what we ordered!

We say we want freedom, money, love, support but when it shows up we are unable, or unwilling to receive it! What’s up with that?!!!

It’s not intentional. Our conditioned beliefs drive our behaviours and influence our perception. Literally, your brain cannot perceive that which you tell yourself does not exist! When you have a fixed point of view about something or someone, you cut off your awareness to the other side of that point of view. For example: if you have a belief (point of view) that you have to work hard to make money, you are most likely not going to see opportunities to make money in an easy way, and even if you do see one, you won’t trust it can work for you!

So, how do we begin to make the changes that will allow us to receive the things we want more of?

First, you must decide that you want things to be different.

The next step is to be willing. To receive. To give yourself permission to have more, be more. You must be willing to soften your attachment to some of what you “know” (beliefs) in order to open yourself up to new possibilities and experiences. Be willing to do things differently. Begin saying “yes” where you might normally say “no”. You have probably heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same things in the same way, expecting different results. 🙂

Third, remember, it’s a process. Oftentimes we make the mistake of trying to make too many changes at once and get overwhelmed. The key is to make small changes. In most cases, small shifts can make a huge difference.

This is not easy – It is simple – but that’s not the same as easy! It requires being willing to be uncomfortable. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things (or old things in new ways). Feeling unsure and unsafe and learning to deal with that. That’s where having a mentor comes in. Someone who can stand with you, guide you, help you breathe through your fears and walk with you through uncharted territory. Someone who can help you see what you couldn’t because your brain isn’t wired to see it yet. Someone who can hold a vision with you till you can step into it and hold it for yourself.

I just hired a new mentor for myself. I literally sat there crying as I broke through old stories of resistance and fear: “how will I afford this?”, “what if I invest all this money and ‘it’ doesn’t work?”, and “what if I let myself down again?”. Lol! That last one was particularly funny because as it came out my mouth my mentor and I said in unison: “when have you/I ever let yourself/myself down?”. (So many of the stories that we tell ourselves feel sooooo real! Often they are not even ours to begin with. We adopted them from someone else!)

The intense energy I felt in my body, as I committed to investing in myself on a whole new level, was akin to a total freak out! I have learned however, that I don’t need to name it. I just let it be what it is – a whole lot of energy! Interestingly, fear and excitement feel almost the same in the body and we often confuse one with the other. I’ve come to know that this intense energy is actually me receiving more of me as I open to new possibilities and show up more powerfully in the world. It’s kind of like labour pains, you just have to breathe through it! 🙂

So how about you? Are you ready for a shift yourself?  Ready to receive more? To live in the place of greater ease and flow? To show up and play on a bigger level?  Email me now: [email protected] and put “I’m ready for a SHIFT!” in the subject line and you’ll get a 10% discount off your entire program if you sign on to work with me before the end of September.


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