My Christmas Miracle-red-poinsettiaIn November I went to the gynecologist as I was having some abnormal bleeding. She ordered some tests including an ultrasound which showed a mass in my uterus (approx 2.5cm x 4.5 cm). She had also discovered a polyp on my cervix and scheduled a hysteroscopy (a procedure where they look into the uterus and take some tissue to do a biopsy to test the tissue for cancer).

The procedure was scheduled for the afternoon of December 10th. I was a little worried about what they might find, especially since my vitamin D levels remained low despite taking lots of supplements. (Vitamins D deficiency is a common finding in all cancer patients – This is where a little medical knowledge is a dangerous thing!

The morning of the 10th I was on a call with a client. As she was informing me that her brother-in-law had passed away a few days earlier, I became aware of his presence and he began communicating with me. (Yes, I talk to dead people from time to time). His messages brought comfort and healing to her. As she allowed herself to become aware of his presence for herself, he turned his attention to me and said “I’m going to show you your light”. Instantly, I felt like my whole body lit up from the inside. I also felt something happen in my lower abdomen and heard “everything is going to be ok.”

Later that afternoon, when my gynecologist put the scope in, the first thing she showed me on the video screen was the polyp on my cervix. It was in the shape of a heart! I smiled as ever since I was a child, I can spot a heart anywhere – leaves, stones, the clouds. It’s one of the ways Spirit reminds me I am loved.
As the scope goes into the uterus, they fill it with saline solution so they can see better. It was extremely painful and I was busy gasping and trying to relax into it so I wasn’t very focused on looking at the video screen.
Once the pain eased and I was able to relax and focus again, I said, “so what did you see? ”
She said “Nothing! You’re uterus is beautiful and it’s clean. There’s nothing there!”.
Pleasantly surprised I asked “what about the mass we saw on the ultrasound?”
She said “there is nothing there”.
I had seen the mass myself on the ultrasound 2 weeks before. It had actually grown in size since the previous ultrasound a year earlier. Now it was completely gone! Woo hoo!

I share this miracle with you to encourage you. To remind you. Things can turn around very quickly, so no matter what you may be challenged with right now, hang in there! Your miracle may be a moment away. A miracle is a SHIFT in perspective. If you want to learn how to Shift into YOUR Million Dollar Zone join me for my one day virtual workshop on Saturday, January 17th.
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Wishing You a joy-full holiday season!

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