Have you ever noticed that when you decide to go after a dream, take a big leap or up level your life in some way, things get all stirred up and can feel a little chaotic or crazy?
I’ve noticed a pattern in my life and those of my clients and peers: You overcome certain challenges at one stage of your personal or professional development, only to have them come up again when you up-level. It can seem as though you didn’t really have it handled at all, like you are “back at square one”!

But that’s not necessarily true…

These ‘Core Challenges’ or Life Lessons are recurring patterns in your life. It involves something that your Soul has come to learn more about, or to resolve, in this lifetime. It may be speaking up for yourself, understanding your self worth, standing in your power, learning to receive etc. Whatever it is, we create/attract the circumstances and events to play with this issue so we can experience and resolve it.

What’s your core challenge? Do you know? It is very helpful to be able recognize it. Even if you “have it handled”, it will come up again and again as you evolve and expand. Every time you move to another level in your life (career, relationship, business, income level) it will come up again so you can integrate it at that new level.

So why is it helpful to recognize and understand your core challenge?
It puts things in perspective.
It helps you to remain calm in the face of new challenges.
It helps you to be more accepting of life and its cycles and patterns… which helps you to be less resistant.
When you relax and flow, life is less stressful and feels a whole lot easier!

Recognizing and understanding your core challenge can be the difference between feeling like a victim – at the mercy of what life throws at you – or a hero/heroine on an adventure! It can completely change your perspective and your perspective affects how you experience life.
I’ll give you a personal example. Self worth has been a core issue for me my whole life. (It took a lot of time and healing to recognize this pattern as it is never usually that obvious). It has shown up as relationship issues – feeling rejected by friends as a teenager; feeling desperate when I didn’t have a boyfriend. It also shows up in my relationship with money: feeling a need to explain or justify what I charge for my services in my business, or feeling guilty about spending money on myself (massages, going to the hairdresser, spiritual retreats etc) when ‘things are tight’.
Knowing this is my core challenge has made me more compassionate with myself when I recognize the pattern showing up. It has become somewhat of a fun game for me to recognize how it shows up differently at each level of my self development and growth. When I recognize a pattern at play, I can make a conscious choice about who and how I want to be in that moment. I have a greater level of awareness and freedom to make choices from a place of understanding my value as a magnificent creation of this universe. I get to determine my value and worth, and when I stand in that knowing and radiate it, the world mirrors that back to me in my experiences.

So pay attention. Start to recognize the patterns at play in your life. If you need help recognizing or resolving them, I’d be happy to help!
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