Entrepreneurship is one of many paths of self growth, especially if you want to be successful. To achieve greater and greater levels of success, You will have to continually grow yourself to be able to handle the challenges that present themselves on your journey to achieving your dream. Bigger dreams come with bigger challenges and so require you to be more of you!
While it is important to do the “outer work” such as acquiring skills, creating products, learning marketing etc., if you don’t do the inner work – accessing your truth and aligning with it so you come from a place of authenticity – “success” will elude you completely, or be unsustainable. (This inner work piece is often the missing link for entrepreneurs struggling to reach the next level of success.)
                                                                    What does it mean to “Access Your Truth”?
It means getting clear on what you REALLY want; Knowing WHY you are doing what you are doing; Understanding your unique purpose and value  (your unique gifts and talents); Releasing conditioned mindsets about who you are ‘supposed’ to be, and stepping into the magnificent, powerful being you truly are!
Let me give you an example:
I was born to be a star – to SHINE! I knew this when I was little but I learned to play small. I learned very early not to shine too brightly. It was not good manners to “blow your own trumpet”. I learned things like “self praise is no recommendation”. You don’t ever want people to think you’re “showing off”. What “people” thought of me was very important. I learned to fit in, hold back, repress, play small, not be “too” happy, so that the people around me would not “feel bad”.  (As if I am actually responsible for how other people feel!!!)  In hindsight it all seems so crazy!

In trying to fit in and be who and how it was socially acceptable to be, I became inauthentic. I learned (like many of us do) to wear a mask. I behaved differently in different circumstances. I learned to judge and reject aspects of myself that were deemed unacceptable by others and society in general.

                            You may wonder what this all has to do with being a successful entrepreneur… A lot!

1 – If you are a service based business owner, the number one factor that makes people do business with you is that they like and
trust you! If you are being inauthentic in anyway, they will not like and trust you! While this may have worked in the past, as we evolve as a species, we are becoming more sensitive. People may not know exactly why they don’t like or trust you, but if you are being inauthentic, something about you will just seem “off” to them and they won’t be attracted to you… your website… or your business.

2 – If you are an “apple” pretending to be an “orange”, you are being inauthentic! Also, from a Law of Attracation perspective, you attract what you are being. If you are playing apple you will attract “apples”. But you’re really an “orange”, so “apples” are not your tribe! It will be less satisfying to work with them!

 3 – If you are being inauthentic you are not in integrity with yourself or others. This incongruence creates an environment ofdisharmony in the body-mind and over time it has a negative effect on your health and well-being.

4 – If you came to play big and you are playing small, you will not achieve the success you desire. You will always have a yearningfor something more, or feel like something is missing. This is your inner GPS guiding you to your truth!

So if like me you bought into a version of you that was not your true self it will require some effort to find your true path, but it is so worth it!

As I have released old, conditioned mindsets; embraced and learned to speak my truth; set healthy boundaries for myself and how others interact with me; stood unapologetically in my truth and power; learned how to be vulnerable; not judge myself or criticize myself, and let myself SHINE – my life has become easier, more joyful, more abundant and more peaceful. I am less angry, anxious, and complicated. My relationships are easier and more fulfilling. I communicate much more clearly. I feel understood. I feel free!
From a business perspective, things get done seemingly effortlessly. I don’t work, I play! As I live my truth to greater and greater degrees and let myself SHINE,  I easily attract the people and resources I need to support my business and it’s growth and new opportunities open up for me daily.
I am a work in progress, so I’m not done yet, but I’ve learned to enjoy the ride. I now do things simply for the joy of it, not because I “have” to or I “should”.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this… Please leave a comment below!

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?