cosby-quoteWhat does that question mean to you?
To me it means: Am I playing full out? Am I invested 100%? (in whatever I am choosing to put my time, energy and money into)

I recently realized I have not always been “All in”. I have spent the majority of my life operating at a fraction of my true potential – for all kinds of reasons. Mostly because I didn’t love and value myself enough, cared too much about what other people thought and wasn’t really conscious about how precious and fleeting this gift called my life is. Thankfully, I have invested in coaches and mentors who see my potential and have helped me to step into it to greater and greater degrees by calling me on my sh*t and encouraging me to step up and show up differently!

How do you know you’re not “All In”?

You give up before you’ve accomplished something.
You settle instead of going after what you really want.
You make excuses all the time.
You say you want something and yet you don’t have a plan to achieve it.
You don’t know how to do something but you don’t invest (the time, energy and money) in figuring it out.
You keep stopping yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up. You don’t do it on purpose. You are probably blissfully unaware that you are doing this. It’s in your “blind spot”.
Imagine this scenario…
You are in a new city and your trying to get around. You have specific places you want to go but you don’t have a map or a GPS. How do you find where you’re needing to get to?
Well, you can randomly stop someone and ask for directions, but you run the risk of asking someone who thinks they know but they’re not sure. They may have an idea where it is, but they haven’t been there themselves.
Or, (God forbid) you get the person who doesn’t know at all, but pretends they do, and leads you in the opposite direction completely!
When you stop to ask directions, reroute or fumble around, it takes you longer to get where you are going. Or worse you may get completely lost and don’t get there at all!
The quickest way to get to somewhere you’ve never been, or accomplish something you’ve never done, is to either buy a map, hire a guide or invest in a GPS.
The problem is we are conditioned to think that if we are smart and experienced we don’t need to ask for help we SHOULD be able to figure it by ourselves.

This is one of the biggest factors at play in limiting your personal growth and your success!
It leads to:
shame if we haven’t been able to accomplish something
Self judgement – beating up on yourself
Feeling inadequate, less confident
Comparing ourselves to those who look like they have it all together and all figured out
Feeling disconnected, unsupported and alone. You don’t want to admit you’re feeling this way so you don’t discuss it with others. (The “I have to hide it because I don’t want anyone to know I don’t have my shit together” syndrome)

Whatever the story is that you are telling yourself (yes, I know it feels very real, not like a story at all) know that it is keeping you stuck, small and limited.
It may feel like it’s keeping you safe, but that is an illusion.
It is keeping you cut-off, disconnected, sad and lonely.
It is sucking the joy and the color out of you and your life.

It is stopping you.
From living full out: Achieving your highest potential and making good on the investment life has made in you.

So how do you set yourself free?
First, you must ACKNOWLEDGE all the places where you are settling, unhappy, and resistant to change.
Then, EXPLORE what your best life would look like. What makes your heart sing?
COMMIT to making the changes necessary to make that your reality.
DECIDE to go “All in”.
ENSURE your success by hiring a coach to help you figure it all out and take action.
It’s what professionals do when they want to achieve their highest potential right?
I know it was the best decision I made for myself and my clients have made for themselves.

What are you waiting for?
Send me an email right now with the subject line: “I’M READY TO BE ALL IN” and I’ll gift you a 30 min phone session with me.
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Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?