84557175I noticed for the last few days I’ve been feeling a little harried and miserable.

This morning, as I emerged from the fog of sleep my first awareness was a nagging, grumbling feeling in the center of my chest. A heaviness of discontent.
I tune in and give it my undivided attention, curious as to what’s going on. I realize I have not had my quiet time. My time to simply be. Things have been moving so fast. I’ve been jumping straight into my day as I wake up and my spirit is not happy.

I immediately start applying the remedy. Thank you. I say to my body. Thank you. To the universe. I launch into my gratitude practice. Acknowledging and feeling gratitude and appreciation for all the things that have been occurring. The opportunities that have created the activity. The group of 119 beautiful souls who I recently led through a 21 day self care challenge. Of course I am challenged myself to maintain my self care in the process! (We teach what we most want to learn. By teaching we anchor and expand our own knowledge.)

As I go through my list of things I am celebrating and what I have to be grateful for, the sensations in my chest begin to shift. The heaviness starts to lift and I feel a lightness coming in. I remember all the positive things that have been happening and I begin to feel light, excited and grateful. I laugh at myself. My energy is flowing now. I get up and begin my day. I am back in the flow. In my million dollar zone.

Is it really that fast? That easy? Yes. It can be. It’s a matter of choice.  
I never started here. It’s taken years of practice. Un-learning the habit of negative thinking and self abuse and learning how to unconditionally love myself. It required making a commitment to feeling good; to being joyful. I had plenty of help along the way.

It all starts with being willing:

-To feel your feelings and not instinctively push them away. (They are there to tell you something. To serve you.)

-To connect with yourself, your truth. And honor it instead of judging it.

-To shift your focus and take action

-And remembering to start with a simple “Thank you”.

It’s important to have tools to manage your mind and your energy. To get you back in the game and create a shift when you need one. What do you do?

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Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?