Understanding and owning your value – your worth – is a huge part of reclaiming your power, unleashing your brilliance and living an uncompromised life.

We all have inherent value and worth simply because we exist – as a creation, a manifestation, of Source energy. And, as we grow and evolve our life experiences shape and mold us, adding to the inherent value we came in with. Your life experiences shape your unique perspective and hone your natural gifts and talents.

Unfortunately, many of us aren’t taught that find value in all our life experiences – especially the ones that bring pain and suffering. We learn early on to judge experiences and behaviors as good, bad, right, or wrong – welcoming and celebrating those deemed to be “good” and “right”, and condemning those deemed to be “bad” or “wrong”.

When we don’t understand how something serves – i.e. its purpose – it’s easy to assume it has no value. Likewise, when we can live without something, we ascribe a lower value to that thing. Additionally, we are taught to seek external validation of our worth, which links our value, our “worth”, to the way we are treated or the value others ascribe to us.

We generally treat the things and people with a higher perceived value (and price) with greater care and respect.

This mindset is at the root of how we as a society treat stay-at-home Moms, our elderly, and people with disabilities. It’s also why we unconsciously de-value ourselves and our experiences.

This is why it is so important to do the inner work of unearthing your inner treasures and choosing to validate yourself through acknowledging your own value and worth. After all, people tend to treat us the way we treat ourselves.

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?