Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods and interpretations.

Let’s face it, that doesn’t readily happen in the confines of a mind conditioned by “shoulds”; “musts”; and “have to’s”.

When it comes to creativity there are no rules or regulations. There is no right or wrong. The only limits that exist are the ones in your mind.

The best part about creativity is the chaos that comes along with it. But, let’s get real, chaos freaks most of us out! 🙂

What if your creativity was a portal, a doorway, through which you can strengthen your connection with your Spirit?

Let’s look at all the reasons being creative can help spark your spirituality (i.e. the act of tapping into your Spirit –  which connects your Body and Soul.

Creativity, like Spirit, is limitless

Passionate, creative minds don’t think in terms of limits. They don’t worry about time or other limitations. Their sense of organization can’t be seen from the outside. Creativity can be inspired by the simplest of objects and tends to embrace anarchy. A creative mind can flourish even under harsh circumstances.

Everyone has a spirit so everyone is creative

Creativity is not a gift that is only given to a select few people. Instead, everyone has the ability to be creative. The universe is filled with diversity and creativity abounds in many different facets and is expressed in many different ways.

Creativity comes in many forms

Most of the time when we think about creativity, we think of painters, singers, actors, sculptors, photographers, designers, architects, etc. But there are many types of artists. Everyone can connect to the divine and express creativity in everything they do. Think of amazing chefs, florists, teachers, hairdressers, marketers, models, gamers, writers, bartenders, travelers, clergy, psychics, entrepreneurs – the list goes on and on!

Creativity knows no rules

There are no rules when it comes to creative expression. You can allow yourself to do whatever comes naturally, no matter what industry you’re interested in.

Creativity is spirituality

Expressing authentic, creative passion is a spiritual experience. It is so easy to get delightfully lost during the creative process, because there’s always the possibility of discovering something new within yourself. A fresh, untapped resource can result in unbelievable breakthroughs, whether in your work or your higher conscious.

Expressing your own unique creativity is allowing your Spirit to express freely – an energizing and uplifting experience. The natural release of feel-good hormones is amazing! Expressing your creative abilities will enhance your quality of life, while strengthening your connection with your inner self.

Creativity requires patience and practice

When you explore your creative self, it requires you to look within your heart and allow that hidden part of you to shine brightly. Creativity requires practice, patience and consistency. When you practice being non-judgmental and allow your creativity to blossom, it can feel like magic. When you incorporate creativity into your everyday life, your life begins to feel inspired and magical.

The more time you dedicate to your creative pursuits, the more your spirit will shine through. But just like a muscle, when we don’t use our creativity it will fade.

Creativity is an aspect of love

When we are being creative, we need to let go of every shred of self-doubt, because fear will destroy our creativity. Don’t let the fear of “doing it right” shut you down. Don’t let the misconception of perfection separate you from your birthright of creativity. Work to replace any threatening negativity with unconditional love and confidence.

Being truly creative takes courage

Be courageously creative oh courageous one!

How do you bring spirituality into your creative process? Feel free to share any spiritual experience you’ve had while your creative juices were flowing in the comments below.


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