10 Ways To Connect With Your Soul And Start Trusting Your Inner Guidance

1. Make the time to connect with yourself and make it a priority – meditate, journal, walk in nature, get quiet so you can hear yourself. If it’s really hard for you because your mind is too noisy or you are too stressed to relax enough then get some support around this. There are some great tools and people (including us) that can make this easier! 

2. Be true to your word – when you make a promise or appointment for yourself, keep it. Being in integrity with yourself will boost your self trust, self respect, self love, confidence and your overall vibration. You become someone who you want to hang out with and it’s easier to spend time alone and be quiet.

3. Practice exquisite self care. Which is more than having a massage and getting your nails done (although these are great too). It’s establishing and holding healthy boundaries, communicating your needs and desires clearly, getting rest, creating work/life balance, hydrating and nourishing your body and surrounding yourself with people who inspire and delight you.

4. Clean up your self talk – Start speaking about, and to, yourself lovingly, kindly and gently. Whisper sweet nothings in your own ears. Look yourself in the eyes when you are in front of a mirror and speak words that encourage, uplift, heal and energize you. This will go a long way in creating a harmonious relationship with yourself and making your mind and body a high vibrational environment. You’ll also attract more of this from others because like energy attracts like energy.

5. Connect with your feelings – This requires you to be willing to feel ALL your feelings. They are the quickest indicator of what you are thinking, believing and focusing on something positive or negative. The truth or a lie. What you desire or don’t. Oftentimes we want to skip over the emotions and states that don’t feel good because we have learned to judge them as bad. But the reason they don’t feel good is because we have labeled them bad. If we are simply willing to allow and acknowledge our feelings, and let them inform us, then we are empowered with the ability to shift through choosing different thoughts beliefs and behaviors. 

6. Follow your hunches and inspired ideas no matter how crazy they may seem. This will go along way in strengthening your relationship with your intuition (inner guidance). The more you honor and act on them and experience the benefits, the more you will trust them and yourself. You’ll also be more confident, grounded, present and authentic – which is very magnetic and attractive! It also makes for a life of fun, adventure and delight! 

7. Become a turn around expert. Choose to see things from the bright side. Let go of needing to judge something as wrong or bad. Ask yourself “how is this here to serve me?” Or, “what’s right about this that I might not be seeing?” This will help you to start looking for the positives in a situation and when we feel positive, we raise our vibrational set point and our mind is more open to seeing solutions instead of problems.

8. Assume you are being guided and follow the bread crumbs (the small clues) – Life becomes a wonderful adventure and a fun game when you choose this perspective. You feel supported and loved. This naturally boosts your confidence and you expect to succeed. And, if for some reason it doesn’t work out the way you imagined it would, you’ll know it’s simply a divine redirect and you’ll spend less time feeling disappointed.

9. Let go of “getting it right” or needing to have clarity on the whole journey before you take action. When something feels delightful, inspiring or “right” for you, take an action step toward it. Then another. Then another. Each step you take will give you experiences and information that will guide your choices and help you discern what you like and desire and what you don’t – which will help you gain clarity on your next steps.
You don’t need to know exactly where it’s all leading. This is what makes life an adventure. You really can’t fuck this up. It’s your adventure! You get to ascribe whatever interpretation or meaning you want to your experiences. You get to choose. Decide. Invent. Innovate.

10. Be intentional and mindful – Let your mind be in service to your heart and soul. Your heart and soul know the big picture. The “Divine Plan”. What will make you feel happiest and fulfilled. The mind gets to implement that plan. Imagine your brain being held in the warm, strong, soft, loving hands of your soul. Taking direction from it. And in return, the mind works diligently to fulfill the desires of the heart allowing you to experience your greatest possibilities for your life.

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?