Here’s a little thought experiment for you.

If your friends and neighbors were suddenly able to find out exactly how much you earn and spend, your credit card balance and the value of your savings, how would you react?

More specifically, how would your body react? Because the body doesn’t lie.

Are you this person?

Breath quickening, heart rate rising – Stress and Anxiety.

Head down, avoiding eye contact – Shame.

Face flushing red – Embarrassment.

Stomach lurching – Guilt.

Muscles tensing – Anger.

Or are you this person?

You have no reaction… Nothing… Nada… Neutral.

Money just doesn’t have a powerful negative hold over you because you got rid of all the stories you had around it a long time ago.

You know what you value and what your values are.

You know what you desire and how much you’re comfortable paying to achieve those desires.

You know your worth and that you are always worthy irrespective of your bank balance.

Money is your friend and your ally and you LOVE hanging out together.

If you’re currently the first person, this is what we want you to know and hear:

It is possible to change our reactions. It is possible to be that second person.

Which person are you?

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?