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January 14, 2023By Helen Macmillan
The body doesn’t lie.

Here’s a little thought experiment for you. If your friends and neighbors were suddenly able to find out exactly how much you earn and spend, your credit card balance and the value of your savings, how would you react? More...

March 8, 2022By Matthew Gordon-Martin
The Power of Peace

For a long time I judged being “peaceful” and people’s desire for it. (I know, please don’t judge me. lol!) My younger self thought, “why wouldn’t you desire something more than peace!?!”. Peace seemed dull, boring and uninspiring. Now that...

May 12, 2021By Helen Macmillan
Wielding Her Power

She’s been waiting all day. They need another CT Scan to determine the cause of her difficulty breathing. It’s tiring. Waiting… Struggling to breathe…The pain and discomfort. When it’s finally her turn, she says “No. I’m too tired. Too uncomfortable....

November 28, 2019By Helen Macmillan
The Power Of Gratitude

The Thanksgiving holiday that we celebrate here in the USA this week is all about consciously taking time to appreciate all that you have – especially the relationships with the people in your life. I have had a daily gratitude...

October 25, 2018By Helen Macmillan
The Things We Run From

Have you ever noticed how much time and money we spend distracting ourselves? The multi-billion dollar “entertainment industry” solely exists to cater to this desire. God forbid we should feel bored, disappointed, confused, angry, sad, afraid, or overwhelmed (which is...

May 2, 2018By Helen Macmillan
The Power of Owning Your Story and Standing in Your Truth

“When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.” ~ Brene Brown Sharing my story publicly is not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. We live in an...

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