“Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel; they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow. ~ Koi Fresco

Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher and author, once pointed out something quite insightful – we are human beings, not human doings.

Most of us forget to just be. We forget that we are enough just by being. We don’t have to do anything to be magnificent.

Most of us forget to just be. We forget that we are enough just by being. We don’t have to do anything to be magnificent.

We think we have to do things – and ALWAYS do them PERFECTLY – to be good enough. And even then, we still don’t feel good enough a lot of the time.

We think we have to:

  •         Work
  •         Get a college education
  •         Cook
  •         Clean
  •         Have a family
  •         Buy a house
  •         Drive the “right” car
  •         Wear the latest fashion
  •         Fill in the blank _______________________ with the things you feel you are “supposed” to accomplish in your life.

When we run into old friends and they ask us how we are doing, we talk about what’s happening in our external world – our travel plans, work projects or home renovations. We may even feel a little awkward if we haven’t had a big accomplishment since we last saw them.

We all have to be human doings some of the time because we live in a tangible world where we have responsibilities we have accepted. However, as someone who used to take on more than I should, I know what it’s like to feel like I’m juggling all day long. There’s the business, the kids, cooking, blogging, appointments, emails, relationships, self-care – the list goes on and on.

While we recognize the need for balance, it can be hard to feel balanced when your schedule is jam-packed.

We forget that it’s OK to give ourselves permission to be human beings and just be.

Just being means we place our focus on our inner spirit, our soul, our internal world and experiences.

When I don’t take the time to nourish my soul I become run-down, unfulfilled, spiritually empty and disconnected from my joy. I see it all the time in the clients who I work with also.

When we are disconnected from who we really are, we are not in alignment with our true purpose, leaving us without the guidance, courage, power, creativity, ideas, love, generosity, security and strength that our Spirit/Source gives us.

If you’ve been feeling out of sorts (discontented or disconnected), exhausted, unfulfilled, burned out… you need more balance in your life. Here are 6 ways to help you gain more balance, amplify your joy and live your life to the fullest.

  1.    Define what balance truly means to you

External goals, dreams and achievements are worthwhile and can give you a sense of achievement. However, they shouldn’t be the only goals you set. Take the time to consider your internal goals and dreams. Set your intention to take the time you need to seek out self-growth, find out what gives you happiness and inner peace, and makes you feel connected to your inner wisdom.

What does balance really mean to you? Imagine what balance would look like if you achieved it. What would you see? Hear? Feel?

  1.    Practice self-discipline

While it may sound counter-intuitive, self-discipline is one of the best tools you have to live a balanced life. Without self-discipline, we do not spend our time wisely (i.e. doing things that are aligned with what we desire to achieve or experience). We tend to procrastinate and fail to follow through on things. When this happens, we feel overwhelmed, guilty and resentful.

Self-discipline (self-mastery) includes taking actions like reducing distractions, getting clear on your priorities, and setting healthy boundaries.

In what ways do you lack self-discipline? What changes can you make in your life that will help you follow through on things that you want and have set your intention to do?

  1.    Be consistent

Consistency is an important aspect of balance. Consistency means following through on your goals and intentions. Sometimes being consistent doesn’t feel like fun, but if you are consistent you will free yourself up to have MORE fun and freedom in your life!

Consistency is a result of setting clear intentions and priorities. Once you know what your intentions and priorities are, you can plan for following through. Showing up consistently and following through on the things that are aligned and meaningful for you is an act of self love.

Remember your goals, intentions and priorities can – and will – change. This is because we are constantly growing and evolving. So, if your goals, intentions or priorities have changed – that’s OK.

If your goals, intentions and priorities have NOT changed and you just don’t want to follow through, it’s time to re-evaluate and ask yourself why you are resisting.

In what areas of your life are you lacking consistency? Are you following through on your goals as they relate to food, exercise, sleep and relaxation? These will have the biggest impact on your life balance.

  1.    Plan out a weekly schedule

Every Sunday evening or Monday morning I take the time to plan out my weekly schedule. Even though I know it takes some time to plan, I also know it will save time in the long-run. When you don’t have a plan, you don’t have a clear focus. With a clear focus it’s easy to prioritise and make decisions that are aligned.

Planning is a way to make sure you fulfill your priorities – including taking care of yourself.

While having a “take-things-as-they-come” attitude may seem like it will bring balance, in reality, having a schedule that includes time to just be will ensure you really will have the balance you seek.

Do you take the time to plan your weekly schedule? Does your schedule include time to eat/prepare healthy food, exercise regularly, meditate, get enough sleep and spend time cultivating your relationships (including the one with your inner self)?

  1.    Take good care of yourself

A life worth living includes making time for yourself. We all need time to be creative and fulfill our need for creative expression. If you aren’t taking the time you need to care for yourself and love yourself, balance will always seem elusive and difficult to achieve.

Taking action, creating, moving and being a human are worthwhile endeavors – but remember to balance external activities with ones that are focused internally, like inaction, stillness and listening.

Are you taking good care of yourself? Are you taking time to be still and listen to your Spirit/Source?

  1.    Allow yourself to be in flow

In order to be in balance, you need to be fully present in the moment. If you’re working, put your heart and creativity into it – so much so that you completely lose track of time. When you are fulling invested in whatever you are doing, you are more likely to enjoy yourself, relax and be in flow. If you’re constantly thinking of other things, like other things you need to be doing, you are robbing yourself of the pleasure of being in the NOW. Focus on what you are seeing, hearing, smelling and doing. This is your one opportunity to experience this moment in time and be in flow. This moment will never come again.

Are you living each moment in flow? What helps you relax into flowing joy? Are you giving yourself permission to focus and be in flow?

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In order to life a balanced life, start by defining what balance means to you. Then you can work on self-discipline, consistency, planning and self-care. Seek to balance doing with being and see if this helps you feel more whole and complete.

What does balance mean to you? How do you know when you are out of balance? What has helped you come into balance in the past? Please share with the rest of the Helen MacMillan Coaching community – we’d love to hear from you!

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?