Does talking about money make you feel uncomfortable? Do you avoid thinking about, or looking at your money because it stresses you out? You’re not alone!

It’s almost impossible to not interact with money on an every day basis, which makes it virtually impossible to ignore.

Money is one of the best ways for your spirit to get your attention. If you have unresolved issues that need to be healed, they will show up in your money. Your relationship with yourself will be reflected in your relationships with money. For this reason, money is one of the greatest spiritual teachers I know!

In reality, the level of abundance in your life, whether it be money, love, friendship, joy or success, is a reflection of your inner self, what you hold in your mind and heart.

Do you want financial freedom?

Financial freedom is much more than having enough money in the bank. Financial freedom is trusting that money will always be there for you. It’s having a sense of financial ease, safety and freedom; it’s being comfortable receiving it, spending it, asking for it and, yes, talking about it.

Here are 4 ways to start to transform your relationship with money:

  1. Examine, accept and let go of your past

So many of our unquestioned beliefs about money are simply patterns we picked up in our childhood and youth. Most of the time, they are not true and don’t serve our highest good.

Take some time to write down all of the painful memories you have related to money. These can be experiences related to your parents, lovers, spouses, friends, bosses or even yourself. Try to recall any experience that made you feel stressed, anxious, frustrated or just plain icky.

Once you have your list, go through each item and practice letting go and forgiving yourself and other until you release the negative charge from each memory.

You could try:

  • Placing your hand on your heart and letting the emotions rise and dissipate. Give yourself permission to feel them fully without judgement. Often, as you let your feelings happen and observe them, they will naturally dissolve.
  • Using a mantra or affirmation to help you let go, such as “I release my past [emotion] around money and forgive my participation in it.”
  • Having compassion for yourself and others. You – and others in your life – were most likely doing the best they knew from their level of awareness at the time. Most of us recreate the patterns we learn when we are young.
  1. Change your story.

The poet Rumi wrote: “This world is like a mountain. Your echo depends on you.”

Your inner world (thoughts, beliefs and feelings) create your outer reality.

Do you find yourself thinking or saying things like “Making money is hard…I’m always broke…I never have enough…Wanting money is greedy”?

If so, try changing your story around money. Start saying and thinking things like: I have everything that I need…I’m so blessed…I give to the world and I receive…It is OK for me to have plenty…I am provided for…I give myself permission to want more”.

  1. Open your mind to infinite possibilities.

When it comes to money, your logical mind can be your worst enemy.

When you have unexamined assumptions that you can only receive money in pre-determined ways, you are limiting the amazingly creative ways that are available for money to flow in to you.

Start by asking “What creative ideas are possible for me to allow money to flow in? What would it take for me to get paid doing something I love?”

  1. Know your worth.

You are a divine spirit. It is possible for you to experience endless happiness, peace, joy and fulfillment.

Until you know your true nature and worth, you will probably experience feelings of guilt and doubt related to receiving and giving money.

When you wake up to who you really are, you will realize that you are not just here to struggle and survive. You are here to love, create, expand and thrive.

The link between money and spirit is that the more you create feelings of love, peace and abundance in your spirit, the more you will experience them in the external world. Having financial freedom in your life is liberating; but an even greater gift is learning that the biggest treasures lie WITHIN YOU!

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