Everyone has money shame.

No matter how much money you make or where you come from, everyone has money shame. Everyone.

There are so many untruths we tell ourselves about money.

  • “I’m just not good with money.”
  • “I totally screwed up, made a mess, and now I can’t go back.”
  • “This guilt and anxiety I feel is because of the money I have/don’t have”.
  • “I should be better at managing money by now!”
  • “I don’t deserve to have so much money when others don’t have enough”
  • “People are only nice to me because I have money!”
  • “I just can’t save any money.”
  • And on it goes.

Money shame can surface in many ways, and at different times in our lives.

Sometimes it’s in old stories that are still tangled in our minds. Sometimes it comes from our family history, kept alive through a family dynamic of guilt, silence or miscommunication. Money shame can show up in memories, triggered by sudden remembering or a gradual awakening. Money shame often shows up unconsciously, driving our reactions and responses to the people and situations in our lives.

Maybe your money shame is the discomfort – or pain – that shows up in your relationship with money. Maybe you get a headache, feel suddenly exhausted or have a little queasiness in the pit of your stomach when you need to have a discussion about money or make a financial decision?

Money shame is a real thing – and we all have it in one way or another.

It’s Time to Make Sense of Money Shame

The concept of money is a really big topic. We feel money shame on so many levels – emotional, psychological, practical, spiritual, interpersonal. And we all deal with money every day. We earn it, spend it, give it, receive it, lose it, borrow it, lend it, invest it, exchange it. We love it – or loathe it (or both). Or, we can be completely indifferent and aloof about it.

It’s time to makes sense of money shame in a conscious, healing way.

Money Can Be Your Best Friend

Money isn’t a big, scary monster. When you give money a chance, it can be a powerful, loyal friend.

Money can move mountains for you. Opening doors and expanding the opportunities available to you.

There is no financial freedom without money.

Do you want to enjoy a romantic weekend getaway with your sweetheart? Money will get you there.

Want to grow your business? Money will buy you what you need to take your business to the next level.

Want to trust yourself more? Money will pay for the personal coach that can help you develop and trust your wisdom, intuition and step into your personal power. 🙂

Most of us have no idea that we even need to do this though.

We didn’t learn how to work with money, understand our feelings about it, or talk about it. It’s time to give ourselves permission – and the support we need – to heal our money shame.

Where to Start?

All change begins with awareness. First, you must be willing to see your pattern of money shame. It’s easier to see them when you are “triggered” i.e. feeling stressed about money, find yourself avoiding dealing with money or feel something is “off” within your body, mind or spirit. We start by observing ourselves. By becoming more self aware. We observe our body sensations, our thoughts and our emotions.

Be a curious, neutral observer, reserving judgement. Gather clues. These are the keys to a deeper understanding of our relationship to money.

If the solution is internal, how do you go inside to find your solution?

Tapping into your inner life is actually very simple, however, simple is not always easy. Going inside connects you to your thoughts and feelings. It is vital to do this without judgement. Create a healing space inside – one that is supportive, safe and helpful.

3 Steps to Take to Journey Within and Heal Your Money Shame

Here are 3 steps to take the journey within – where all your answers lie. Even better, practice this whether or not you are dealing with money. Soon you will start to see patterns emerge in different areas of your life, including your shame related to money.

Consciously shut out all external noise and busy-ness and just relax.

  1. Ask yourself what you are feeling. Your feelings are signposts that that point to your inner state more accurately than your thoughts. All feelings – including the “socially unacceptable” ones like anger, fear and guilt are tremendously important because the give you a direct path to identifying what you really need.
  2. Ask yourself what you need. The next challenge is to discover what we need. Unless we know what we need when it comes to money, we rarely get it. It’s difficult at first to pinpoint our needs. Are we substituting money as a way to meet another need, to fill an emptiness within ourselves? The more you approach yourself with respect and ask yourself what you need, the more quickly the answers will become accurate and clear.
  3. Ask yourself if you need support. As competent adults, we can meet many of our needs ourselves.  However, trying to resolve certain issues on your own is like asking the person who is invested in having the problem to resolve it. (highly unlikely). If we acknowledge we don’t have a solution and seek the right support, we can get unstuck and move forward with greater ease. Requesting support can be challenging. However, each time we make a request of others, we are affirming ourselves. We are affirming our right to have needs and we are taking control of getting our needs met and achieving the results we want.

Unfortunately, our society teaches us that, only if we are “good enough”, do we merit love. In fact, the opposite is true. People love us and feel even more connected to us because of our vulnerability and our humanness. When we come off the pedestal of shame and false perfection by asking for support, we show our humanness, which opens the door to let others love us. It is this love and acceptance that heals our shame. We must be willing to first give it to ourselves.

The Rewards of Ending Money Shame

Shame has been used for far too long to control, manipulate, restrict and limit. Uncovering and ending our shame related to money is integral in experiencing true freedom.

For years, I’ve been helping people get unstuck. I’ve been helping them heal their pain. And I’ve been helping them liberate themselves so they can live what I call “Ultimate Freedom” – a juicy, joyful balance of personal and financial freedom.

The results have been nothing short of amazing. Extraordinary healing. Heart-opening insights. Deep transformation. Astonishing community support.

Align & Amplify Live!

And now, I’m offering you an opportunity to get your life – including your money shame – into alignment. By bringing your mind, body and lifestyle into alignment, your actions will be more purposeful, effective and satisfying. When you align with your purpose and your truth, your life flows differently.

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