Let’s play devils advocate for a moment.

Say the problem is money.

It’s ‘the root of all evil’ after all. 

Then if we want a better world we need to get rid of all the money.

Problem solved. Right?

Here’s the problem with this line of thinking …

Value and Worth existed before money did.

And that means that a world without money would have the same issues and challenges we face in our world with money.

Don’t believe us? Take a few minutes to really consider what a world without money would look like.

In a world without money there would be deeper levels of interaction, communication and honesty. 

Sounds good right? And we agree, but why would this be the case?

Without the common agreed mechanism of money representing value we would all have to get super transparent and expert at knowing and stating what something is worth to us, what its value is, and what we want to receive in exchange for it.

There’s value and worth getting in on the party again.

The truth is we didn’t create a unique set of problems around money – the challenges of lack, worthiness, value, abundance, of communicating what we do and don’t have – would all still be present, with or without money, because we would still desire products and services that others provide. 

Money didn’t make the world a lesser place, the opposite is true, it created an expansion. 

Money became how we communicated the consciousness of what we have and what we don’t have and with that came an increased consciousness of lack. 

If money hadn’t come along we would have found some other way to create the expansion because expansion is inevitable – the same challenges would simply show up in different ways.

That’s why money is so exciting as a metaphor and teacher. 

It’s the singular thing we can use to expand our experiences of 

  • what is possible, 
  • what we need, want and desire, 
  • how we are going to communicate and express those needs and desires,
  • our unique value and potential.

It’s time to change our beliefs about money – it isn’t the root of all evil but it can be the root of tremendous growth and expansion.

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?