One Febuary morning a few years ago I had an urge to change the decor in my office. I felt like I wanted more color in the space and the accumulated clutter was starting to annoy me.

It was just a niggling thought that crossed my mind like a whisper in the wind. You know, one of those “I should really…” thoughts that don’t feel urgent so they go unaddressed.

Then, towards the end of April, I was at a mastermind meeting and we were discussing the impact of your environment on your business. I remembered having felt the need to make a change in my office. I committed to doing so when I got back home.

Four days later, on the night of a “super blue moon” and lunar eclipse, I got home from a networking event at 7:30 pm and suddenly got a strong inspiration to go to HomeGoods and get the items to redecorate. (I literally heard a voice in my head say “Go to HomeGoods NOW”.)

I was blown away how much cool stuff I found! (You know how sometimes you go shopping and can’t find a single thing you love?) I ended up with a shopping cart overflowing with items that made my heart sing!

Sparkly throw cushions for the comfy sofa in my office, rich teal cushions that match my new brand colors. A pewter stallion that symbolizes my power. An amethyst crystal geode that symbolizes the intuition that is such a powerful part of my work. New curtains to adorn the sliding glass doors and a beautiful painting to hang behind my desk that would pop against the new paint color on the wall.

As I piled the items in my cart, I had a nostalgic moment, remembering the days I would not have given myself permission to buy all this (wasting money on “things” you don’t “need” when people are starving in the world) or I would have spent an inordinate amount of time comparing prices to make sure I was “getting a good deal” (i.e. being responsible with my money) or worrying if I could “afford” to get them (would I have the money later when the credit card bill came).

I felt deep gratitude and appreciation realizing that I was picking up things I genuinely loved and that would contribute to creating an inspiring, high vibrational space (environment) for myself and my clients to be in – that would support our transformational work together – with joy and without an ounce of worry. (You might think this is because I have a lot more money than I did in the past – It’s not. Keep reading)

Next stop, Home Depot, to get the paint for my “feature wall”. I wanted to match the rich, deep teal in my new cushions. The man in the paint department, Mark, turned out to be my full moon angel (as I fondly nicknamed him).

Although I loved the deep shade of teal on the paint chart, I remembered my husband saying that I shouldn’t go too dark on the paint color, so I chose the lighter version. However, when Mark finished mixing it, although it was lovely, it didn’t feel quite right.

He happily honored my request to make it a bit darker.

Eh. Still not it.

I decided to go for the one I was initially drawn to (appropriately called “mystic turquoise”). That one made my heart sing!

Mark gave me great painting tips, made sure I had all I would need for my project, went out of his way to save me money on the other supplies and gave me the gallon of paint for $9!

I felt like the whole universe was celebrating me and rewarding me for listening to my intuition.

Fully energized, I got home and began the transformation of my office space at 10:30 pm. (I know, my husband was shaking his head too. Lol!) By 5:00 am the transformation was complete and I crawled into bed, still buzzing with energy.

So now you may be thinking “Nice story Helen, but what’s the point?”.

Here are the key points I want you to take away from my story. You may notice these are things I talk about all the time. This is why!

  1. The power of commitment. A commitment is a decision. It sets things into motion in the unseen. The universe begins to conspire on your behalf and things and events line up for you to achieve your goal with grace and ease. Our job is to follow the inspired thoughts.
  2. The power of self awareness. Are you tuning in to yourself? Noticing your inspired thoughts? It is years of practice and honing my self awareness and learning to trust my intuition enough to act on it that allowed the outcomes I spoke of in this story.
  3. The power of intention. Energy follows intention. I worked through the night, got 3 1/2 hrs sleep and was still perfectly energized throughout the next day. There were a couple moments when I looked at the time and briefly wondered if I would be able to have the energy to serve my clients the next day. I chose to trust that I would and I did!
  4. The power of trust. Follow your inspired hunches. When I went back to Home Goods 3 days later, I noticed that all the cool stuff was gone! I realized the urgency of getting there the day I went. I could have told myself “I’ll go on the weekend” or “it’s too late in the day”.
  5. The power of mindset. I have profoundly shifted the way I think and feel about money (my money mindset). I have a different relationship with money.

Now, I see money as a fantastic tool for changing things. I use it to create opportunities and experiences that add joy to my life – whether that is buying goods and services that delight me and add value to my life, or to contribute to bringing joy and adding value to someone else’s life.

The joy and delight with which I chose and purchased these items, the joy with which I approached this project, is infused in this new space I have created. It impacts all who enter in and who even see it through my computer camera. It infuses my business and how I feel about my business.

Money touches everything in your life in some way. What is your dominant vibration around it? What’s your relationship with it?

Let me be clear, what I described above was NOT always the way I related with money!While I have never not had the money to pay my bills, and I have never had to go hungry, I have had many years when I often worried if there would be enough and there wasn’t “extra”.

I entangled money and power, and as a result, only felt powerful only if I had it. I was unaware how much I came a mindset of scarcity and lack, creating more of that by default. Every time I’d try to “get a deal” or “save some money” it ended up costing me more in the long run.

That’s why it’s important to do the inner work of reflecting, investigating and exploring your relationship with money and your beliefs about it. As well as your unconscious patterns and behaviors around it. To look at how they are impacting your relationships, your health and your opportunities (or lack thereof).

That’s what we do at our Evolve Break – Free Experiences.

Matthew Gordon-Martin and I facilitate an intimate group of 14 participants (max).

You’ll SHIFT your limiting beliefs and behaviors, take back your power where you are inadvertently giving it away and amplify your ability to receive, more joyfully!

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