I spent the first 3 weeks of 2021 in Jamaica, where I was born and where my immediate family still lives.

I hadn’t seen my 91 year old Mom for almost a year. My spirit said it was time to visit.

In March of 2020, I took stewardship of a property that has been in my matriarchal lineage for well over 100 years.

I needed to make arrangements with a caretaker for its maintenance and upkeep.

My Mother was so happy to have daily companionship. Her world has shrunk considerably during the pandemic.

I’m also overseeing the final stages of our company rebrand and several other projects. And I have clients that I meet with every week.

Externally, there was the attempted coup on the US Capitol. New strains of the virus. New lock downs. Rules changing daily.

There was a lot going on. In hindsight, I see the perfection of it all. It was a brilliant opportunity to step (spiral, fall) into a new , more expanded space/state.

It’s far from comfortable. It’s clearer in hindsight. As I have been giving myself space to integrate and the understanding is coming.

Only now can I articulate it.

Every time I am expanding I am pushed to my limits. You have to be “pushed to your limits” so you can see your edges, in order to move beyond them. Life finds ways to “push us over our edge”. It’s part of the process of growth and expansion.

Pushing beyond your current limits can leave you feeling ungrounded, in a free fall, anxious and afraid. In the process your usual markers are not there. Every day I was in Jamaica I experienced tremendous anxiety. It made it necessary to use my tools of tapping and meditation. I was mindful who I spent time with and how I expended my energy.

It’s hard to ground, find your center and be internally directed in the midst of it all the noise, AND it is more important than ever to do this. When the world is shifting and chaotic, when you have many balls juggling at the same time, when you carry a lot of responsibility, you have to have a solid morning routine. A calm center to retreat to. You get it by consciously creating it. You have to have resources to tap into.

The mighty tree that stands tall and majestic has a root system under the ground that you cannot see that is equally as majestic and vast. What does your root (support) system look like? What are the tools you use on a daily basis?

Are you ready to Unleash your most Authentic Self?