customer spotlight

A customer spotlight on Gayll Worsley

How would you describe your current journey with finding/ exploring your inner value?

Consistency was key for me. Through consistency, I am learning to make myself, my wants, my desire, and my time a priority while learning to balance my empathic nature. Pouring into myself first allowed me to be open, be curious, develop a new level of self-trust and release judgment. My journey is now one of exploration. I’m ready to dig deeper.

What makes you valuable?

In the past, I would have tied my value to what I do. I now know that I am innately valuable and connected. My value is not external rather my soul is entrusted to me. I am the product and the living energy of my ancestors and their ancestors. I am their expression and I am unique. I add my unique design to our collective legacy.

How has your value (self-worth) shifted as a result of working with us?

I’m not sure I felt valuable when we first started working together. I felt used and tired. I completed several programs. I received something from each program but the last two were the most profound. The previous programs helped me recognize my value. Through 10X and JSL I found my voice. I am able to articulate my value and set boundaries. I am shifting from scarcity to honoring my value.

What advice would you give your younger self around her value?

I would tell my younger self to step into your brilliance. Do not let other people shame you into dimming your light. Play big. Be big. You will receive so much when you play full out.

Photo of Gayll taken at our recent Unleash Your Brilliance event