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Are you ready to go within and transform your life whilst transforming your experience and relationship with money?

There’s no escaping it, money is interwoven into every aspect of life. And for something that is essentially paper and metal we have given it a lot of power over us.

At Sovereign Minds we are committed to helping people transform their experience of life, and money is integral to this because…

How you experience money is a reflection of how you experience the world and everything in it.

Money really IS the ultimate teacher.

If you’re ready to overcome your fears and anxieties around money and open up to the flow and abundance of it, join us on


Journey to Money Freedom

A 12-week guided exploration

Starting February 6, 2023

Imagine being able to connect and play with money in a different way. 

Imagine money being your friend and ally.

Imagine being able to say without a shred of guilt, shame or fear…  

“I am allowed to use my money to bring me pleasure.”

We have been conditioned to believe that money is very black and white. It’s a tangible thing and our approach to it should be nothing but clinical and unemotional.

An economist would say that money is very simple – certain behaviors lead to more of it and certain behaviors lead to less. 

All we need to be is strict, rigid and rule driven and the money will come. 

They say money is logical and yet…

There is nothing like a lack of money to make us more illogical than ever.

They say money is unemotional and yet…

We buy things based on emotion all the time and we frequently use money to express love – when we die we leave our money to the people and charities we care about.

It’s a mixed up story – there’s a paradox at work here.

And that paradox means there is space for creativity, fun and play when it comes to money. 

There is a space for calm, freedom and lightness.

And we want to help you find it. 

Begin your

Change the way you have been taught to relate to money.

Disrupt the old patterns of lack and fear that have kept you from achieving sustainable peace around money.

This 12-week online program is designed to fit in with your busy life – it only requires 15 to 20 minutes a day. During our journey together we will give you small, specific action steps and tools to help you get curious about your relationship with money and clear the obstacles that are currently stopping you from feeling safe around it.

How easy can I let this be?

How can I let money guide me?

Journey to Money Freedom will help you to live a different experience when it comes to money – one of joy, pleasure, ease, relaxation and contentment.

This is the beginning of a journey into next-level trust that will change not just how you experience money, but how you experience life.

If you are feeling the call to radically shift your relationship with money AND life, we invite you to join us for this uniquely curated 12-week experience.

Journey Overview

The Journey is broken down across 12 weeks and into three, 4 week phases.

Each phase will have a different focus:


Phase 1
Weeks 1 – 4


Connect more consciously with money, become aware of how your habits, beliefs and behaviors have been impacting your experience of money and how your relationship with wealth wants to evolve.

Phase 2
Weeks 5 – 8


Clear the obstacles and energetic blocks including inherited beliefs and behaviors around money. Open the door to create generational wealth.

Phase 3
Weeks 9 – 12


Create new beliefs and behaviors that are aligned with your new realtionship and experience of money. Embody the daily behaviors and habits that create joyful and sustainable change.

At the start of each week:

You will receive an overview of your new module.

Each weekday (Monday – Friday) you will get an email with your daily activities to complete. 

These daily activities should take around 15 – 20 minutes to complete and are designed to help you:

  • Build new habits that foster a deeper, more aligned and trusted connection to money.
  • Quickly overcome fears and roadblocks to move to a place of more openness, flow and ease.
  • Forge new beliefs, behaviors and habits through consistent practice of small, simple, actions. 
Every fortnight:

You will attend a group coaching call with Helen and Matthew this will help you to keep on track and will be your opportunity to:

  • Ask questions and receive coaching and support to help you move through challenges.
  • Celebrate your wins.
  • Share the experience with other like-minded souls going through the same journey as you. 
Support and consistency:

We know that support and consistency are KEY, that’s why we have done the heavy lifting for you. 

All you have to do is be 100% committed and take these simple actions so that you can experience the life-changing results!

What does 100% committed look like? 

It looks like showing up and continuing to show up even when it gets hard (because we can’t help you if you don’t show up). We don’t care how you show up – resistant, joyful, angry – bring it all!

Facing the inevitable doubts and fears that come up. Because transformation and change will inevitably bring up discomfort and resistance – that’s how you know you’re on to something good!

Committing and recommitting over and over again throughout the journey is what will see you through and produce results.

How committed are you to changing your relationship with money?

How committed are you to changing your life?


The journey begins February 6, 2023.

  • 12 weekly teaching videos around the theme and focus of that week
  • PDF workbook and Money Freedom assessment with weekly logs
  • Daily (M-F) short (15-20 minute) activities that keep you focused and in action
  • Fortnightly group calls to help you overcome challenges and keep you on track
  • Journey to Money Freedom will help you to release the handbrake you have consciously and subconsciously placed on your experience of life and money.
  • Join us in February 2023 to learn how to release the struggle, embrace fun and keep clearing the way to trust and safety to allow more energy and abundance to flow to you.

    It’s time to let your relationship with money open the door to a new experience of living.

Your guides on this journey
Your guides on this journey

Helen MacMillan

Master Coach

Founder & CEO, SovereignMinds

Helen is a ‘modern day emancipator’ who liberates individuals trapped in the illusion of powerlessness and helps them reclaim their power, own it, and use it to create their greatest levels of joy, fulfillment and abundance.


Matthew Gordon-Martin


Master Coach

Director Of Education, SovereignMinds

Matt’s expertise in acting coaching and training makes him brilliant at helping clients connect with and express their authentic self. He empowers them with the clarity, courage and confidence to choose what they truly desire.



“From the moment I landed in Jamaica to the day I published my book 25 years later, Helen has been the one to keep me empowered and aligned with my purpose.  
When I was ready to truly make the profound changes in my life, I knew that Helen would be the one to take me there. I was ready to face the aspects of my life that were holding me back. 
When I first invested in working with Helen I was scared and confused. I had just turned 50, I had recently left a toxic relationship and had no idea how I was going to provide for myself. Helen’s skilful coaching enabled me to reach my highest potential by keeping me focused on my strengths and recognizing my weaknesses and turning them into powerful tools. 
Helen helped me transform negative patterns into positive and productive action by recognizing where they came from and understanding how they were keeping me from my best life. 
I am now a best-selling author of my memoir, a book coach and publisher helping others tell their stories and step deeper into their service.
I am certain that I could have not found this road and taken this journey without her. I will be forever grateful. 
This was an investment in me, worth every penny!”
Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell
Best selling author, Book writing coach and Publisher


Your experience of receiving and spending money can be very different to the one you may have practiced for most of your life.

It can be joyful, easeful and relaxed.

It is possible to live and interact differently with money – so you can actually enjoy that holiday you’ve paid for, be fully present in the house you have bought and spend money on that new course without guilt.


By the end of Journey to Money Freedom you will:
  • Understand how generational wealth has impacted you and how you can change this legacy for future generations.
  • Move beyond making money an excuse as you become more assured of what is valuable to you.
  • Have tuned into your ‘Hell Yes!’ and be making decisions based on, ‘I desire that’ rather than, ‘I need that’ (or I don’t need that) – this shift alone will  bring you more joy and pleasure.
  • Give yourself more and more permission to have new experiences – you will surprise yourself with how differently you are creating and experiencing things. 
  • Increase your sense of financial security – learning how to feel calm and safe both with AND without money, no longer searching for it but allowing money to find you.
  • Feel more open, relaxed and sleep better because you will no longer be wracked with worry over everything.
  • Show up differently in your relationships and be having less arguments about money.
  • Hold a deeper appreciation of the life you are living and a deeper empowerment to create the life that you want.
  • Stop talking yourself out of things and be more confident, energized and excited to create what you desire.
  • Experience an expansion and spaciousness inside you that bubbles within and says, ‘All is well with my soul.’
  • No longer be anxious in the unknown as you enjoy a far deeper next-level trust in yourself, money AND life. 

Why this journey is for you

Are you ready to commit to transforming your relationship with money?

 Then you’re ready to start your Journey to Money Freedom.

We look forward to welcoming you on February 6th.