Unlocking TRUE Wealth

This 2-day, virtual event is for freedom seekers who desire to:

Identify your inner blocks to being wealthy & free.



Dates: November 12-13

Saturday Times: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sunday Times: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm


Location: Zoom


Price: $797


You’re exhausted from chasing money.  Figuring it out. Working for it. Thinking about it. Worrying about it.

You can’t relax, even when you have more than enough.  It’s never felt light, happy or carefree.

You learned to create money from tension and stress not play and pleasure. From Need versus desire. In order to live, not for the joy of it. 

Where you are at…

You are stressing about money even when you don’t have to.

You have a fear of running out of money.

You worry, will it always be there for you?

Even though you are an educated professional, money always seems confusing or hard (something you still haven’t mastered).

It’s hard for you to take time off and relax.

You spend money easily on everyone but yourself.

You would love to be earning more than you currently are but don’t know how without working harder. AND you are over having to work this hard.

You have or have had money, but you have never felt wealthy.

You believe you have to sacrifice to have what you truly want.

Where you want to be instead…

You no longer stress about money. You are relaxed about it and you trust there will always be enough. 

Money is not the main factor in your decision making. You look at it, ask for it, share it freely and it supports you in having the things and experiences that matter to you.

You trust that the Universe is abundant and that you will always be taken care of so you feel more relaxed and carefree. 

You no longer use money as an excuse or find yourself justifying what something you desire costs.

The pursuit of money no longer dictates your time. You have time for the people and experiences that matter.

Spending your time, energy and money intentionally, consciously, in alignment with your highest values and what’s valuable to you.

Truly understanding your value.

Why are you here?

What’s the real problem?

You have beliefs you have inherited or developed (that you may or may not be aware of) that are determining your perspective, behavior, feelings and creating less than desirable experiences and outcomes.

You’ve tried to fix this internal issue problem in external ways – working harder, changing job/careers, making more money, getting more clients, spending less. 

You haven’t taken the time to address the real issues: your beliefs, your relationship with money, and your mental and emotional blocks to making, having and spending money.

So you are missing out on the opportunity for growth, healing and expansion that is available for you here and is an integral path of the journey to personal and financial freedom.

Your ancestors were programmed to see themselves, money and wealth from a perspective of scarcity, powerlessness and limitation.

You need to reclaim your power in relationship with money and wealth.

  An Invitation for You 

Your soul has been whispering that different is possible. 

You are frustrated because you have been in search of the “HOW”..

HOW can I feel less stressed?
   HOW can I worry less?
      HOW can I learn to relax & trust?
         HOW can this be different?
             HOW can this be easier?

If you are willing to acknowledge that money does impact the decisions you are making…

this is where change begins.

We know that you have not been taught to have a healthy relationship with money. Heck, you probably weren’t taught that you HAVE a relationship with money. We all do. It’s revealed in the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that impact the way you make, keep and spend money. The way you feel when you engage with it and ask for it.

When you bring consciousness to your behavior and activate a wealth consciousness, everything starts to change. 

We created this 2-day experience for you to clearly identify YOUR inner obstacles to being wealthy and free.

Because you can’t change what you can’t (or won’t) see! And just being aware of them begins the process of tranformation.

You’ll get clear on:

HOW you relate to money and wealth
HOW you can activate a healthier relationship with it
HOW your current tension around money & time is here to serve you on your path to deeper personal transformation

The how you have been searching for… is here!

It’s about changing the way you think, feel and behave.

We have the tools to help you do so with greater ease and flow. 

We love when our clients laugh their way into abundance. When they radiate wealth in all aspects of their life.

We invite you to do the same.



  • Identify the limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep you from being truly wealthy and feeling free.

  • Feel lighter and more free no matter what.

  • Gain clarity about YOUR mental and emotional blocks to being wealthy and free.

  • Begin the process of changing your money story.

  • Feel more relaxed, open and authentic.

  • Change your life.

Your Guides

Helen MacMillan

Master Coach

Founder & CEO, SovereignMinds

Helen is a ‘Modern-day Emancipator’ who helps high achieving, multicultural leaders create and sustain the personal and professional freedom they desire – and yet so often eludes them. 

Helen’s gift of intuitive healing, paired with her vast range of professional trainings and life experience, makes her a master at creating the safe, sacred space that enables profound shifts and healing for her clients. This allows them to create success from the inside out, using their deepest truth and wisdom as their guide, so they create a life they LOVE with ease and grace.

Matthew Gordon-Martin

Master Coach

Director Of Education, SovereignMinds

Matthew is an acting, life and performance coach who specializes in Integrated Coaching. Integrated coaching is the blending of various tools / techniques towards helping the client connect with their inner wisdom and eliminate blocks to success.

Matthew’s practice focuses on helping his clients to confidently express their authentic self and build greater confidence in who they are and what they want. He also helps them harness the power of their painful experiences as fuel to create the reality they most desire.

Matthew currently resides in London, UK and is one of the lead coaches at SovereignMinds LLC.


Dates: November 12-13

Times: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Location: Zoom

Price: $797


What makes this worth it?

You get to decide. But if you don’t take some action, nothing changes.

I don’t have the money / I can’t afford it.

Money will always be the most powerful excuse to stop us from having the things we want, but are not fully committed to having just yet.

Some useful questions to ask are:

1. How CAN I afford this?

2. How would shifting my relationship to money and wealth make possible for me?

Can I really transform my relationship with money/wealth in two days?

Transformation is sustained change over time – so you will BEGIN the process of transformation by making  shifts – in your mindset, levels of awareness and energy – which will create forward momentum and unlock new possibilties. You will also learn tools that will help you sustain your shift after the event.